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Source: Greenwood.in.gov

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a non for profit self help group. Members of the group are both men and women. These members are the ones who run the group meetings. Each member shares their experiences with alcohol, how they have found strength in recovery and offer hope to others working through their own alcohol addiction in recovery.

Member Requirements

The only requirements to join Alcoholics Anonymous is to want to quit drinking. There you will find the support and understanding you will need to maintain your sobriety and work through all aspects to your addiction in a healthy way. There are no dues to become a member to an Alcoholics Anonymous group, this is a self supporting group that maintains itself by member contributions. The purpose of alcoholics anonymous is to keep its members sober, you will be able to keep sober with the help of alcoholics anonymous.

Finding and Alcoholics Anonymous Group Near Your

Each state has a list of local resources through alcoholics anonymous website. There you can look state by state to find local meeting dates and times that will meet your needs. These meetings are found all throughout the United States and Canada.