Alcoholics Anonymous

When recovering from an alcohol abuse problem or alcoholism it is extremely important to have a strong support system. This can be within family and friends or a self help group such as Alcoholics Anonymous. When joining a self help group you will have the support of other individuals who have been where you are now, offering their own personal stories and key tools that help them maintain their sobriety.

Self Help with Alcoholic Anonymous

No one is going to work through your alcohol abuse problem or alcoholism for you but they will assist you through supportive reassurance and sharing their own personal experiences. You will learn key tools to maintain your sobriety and have the ability to openly work through your dependency of alcohol with these supportive individuals by your side. You and you alone choose your future, if you are looking to create a sober future then alcoholics anonymous will assist you in this journey with support and understanding.

Alcoholics Anonymous’ Focus

Alcoholic Anonymous focuses around the big book and twelve step program. This group of men and women each share their experiences, strengths and hopes for the future with one another, by this they are offering encouragement that each and every member of the group will too be able to maintain their sobriety throughout their lives.

No Dues or Fees

There is no cost to join Alcoholics Anonymous, no dues or fees to be collected. The group is self supported around its member contributions. You will not be financially obligated when joining alcoholics anonymous, this group is here to help other alcoholics through their addictions by sharing their own experiences not to earn profit.

Is Alcoholics Anonymous for me?

If you are ready to leave your alcohol use as a thing of the past then joining a self help group such as Alcoholics Anonymous is a great step. This group is made up of members suffering from alcoholism with the knowledge that they will never be able to drink safely again.  These member admit that they are sick with the disease alcoholism and need the support of this self help group to maintain their sobriety. If this group sounds like the right choice for you then make a visit to a local AA meeting and see what you can get out of it to help with your recovery.