ImageIn today’s day and age, millions upon millions of people enjoy drinking alcohol for one reason or the next. Some do so only in social settings, while others have a drink from time to time to calm their nerves. And then there are those who go too far, finding themselves addicted to alcohol and searching for a solution.

The Downfalls of Alcohol

There are many downfalls of alcohol, due in large part to people who make poor decisions when they are drinking.

For example, the number of drunk driving accidents in the United States remains high. Every year, thousands of people are injured and killed in accidents in which alcohol is involved.

At the same time, the economic costs associated with alcohol reach more than $100 billion every year.

The Other Side

Even though there are many who drink alcohol, a large majority of Americans abstain. According to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, 51 percent of people age 21 and older reported that they did not consume any alcohol over the past month. Furthermore, 25 percent said they drink one time per week or less.

This data proves that even though those who consume alcohol can have a major impact on society, this is not a problem that spans every American.

The way society views drinking in the United States is not necessarily the same as the rest of the world. You have the right to your own opinion, most of which will be based on your current approach to alcohol. Those who drink regularly may not see anything wrong with this behavior, as long as they do so in a responsible manner. On the other side, some feel that alcohol contributes to too many injuries and deaths, and are strictly opposed to all consumption.

The way society views drinking today is not the same as many years ago, and will likely change in the future.