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Mental Illness Awareness Week – What it is & Why it’s Needed

Written by ,on 01 October 2019

It was 1990 when the US Congress declared the first full week of October as Mental Illness Awareness Week or

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California’s Addiction Treatment Data

Written by ,on 27 August 2019

As a Social Service Professional including a Master of Social Work and an International Credentialed Addiction Professional spanning three decades,

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Sober September: Another Chance to Reboot

Written by ,on 27 August 2019

There’s a decent chance you’ve heard of Dry January. It’s a seasoned trend that involves not drinking a single drop

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Everything You Should Know about Sober Bars and Their Benefits

Written by ,on 29 July 2019

Social drinking has become a big part of our culture. With frequent weekend outings that are perfect for unwinding and

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Destructive Decisions caused by Alcohol Abuse

Written by ,on 05 May 2019

Alcohol can have a very strong impact on an individual’s life. Making smart choices are beneficial to everyone; however, these

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How Does Society View Drinking?

Written by ,on 04 May 2019

In today’s day and age, millions upon millions of people enjoy drinking alcohol for one reason or the next. Some

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Alcohol Awareness Month

Written by ,on 30 April 2019

“Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow” is the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence’s motto for this year. The

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In which countries is alcohol illegal?

Written by ,on 05 February 2019

Alcohol use has been used as a social past time for thousands of years throughout the world. While most are

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Dry January

Written by ,on 18 January 2019

Thousands of Americans will quit drinking this year for “Dry January,” an annual monthlong commitment to sobriety and all its

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Why American Women Drink More

Written by ,on 18 April 2018

In the 1800s, it wasn’t considered socially acceptable for a woman to drink like a man. It wasn’t “ladylike,” so

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