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The How To’s – 5 Ways to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Clinically Reviewed By Dan Schimmel, LCSW, CAP
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Years of alcohol abuse has turned you into someone you do not recognized. You are filled with love for alcohol and all other areas of your life that you once loved have taken the back seat to your drinking. Your personal life and career have taken a huge hit because of alcohol coming first. Quitting drinking alcohol can help you to take back control and bring back what you once loved in life.

5 Ways to Quit Drinking Alcohol at Home

There are many ways to quit drinking alcohol. Some require you entering into a treatment center, other ways you can do at home. The way you choose to quit drinking alcohol is your choice and will all have the end result of a happier, healthier and sober you.

1 – Make Small Goals

Setting small goals for yourself will help you feel successful upon completion of them. When setting large goals for yourself and you fail to complete them you may turn back to alcohol for comfort in your disappointment. Gradually cutting down your alcohol intake can be a small goal, one less drink each day can leave you feeling proud of yourself.

2 – Document Your Alcohol Intake

If you drink and do not keep track of just how much you are drinking each day you will find documenting your alcohol intake useful. The information you take down should be number of drink each day, what you drank, who you were with, where you can your drink. Do this for 30 days, the results may surprise you. Know what you are putting into your body each day and how much can knock some sense into you and make you realize it is time to quit drinking alcohol.

3 – Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements will help aid you in quitting drinking alcohol. Each time you drink alcohol the Candida bacteria levels in your digestive track increases, this increases cravings for more alcohol. Herbal supplements such as Kudzu can lower the Candida bacteria levels and lessen cravings, allowing you to quit drinking naturally. You can take Milk thistle to help cleanse the liver of the chemicals and toxins related to alcohol use as well.

4 – Supplement Alcoholic Beverages With Fruit and Vegetable Juice

There is a whole natural arsenal of weapons against alcohol. Increasing your fruit and vegetable juice intake can help you quit drinking alcohol. The fruit and vegetable intake will help to lessen cravings in as little as 15 days and can help you quit drinking alcohol all together in as little as a month.

5 – Grape Diet

Switching to a grape diet can help you to quit drinking alcohol. Grapes have been proven to help reduce cravings and cleanse the body of the effects of alcohol and mending any damage cause by your alcohol intake. Eating grapes 3 times daily in combination with a multivitamin can help you to quit drinking.


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