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Treatment Center Myths

Written by ,on 20 February 2019

Getting treatment for addiction is something that a lot of people, even those who recognize they have serious problems, can

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Treating Your Addiction to Alcohol

Written by ,on 10 July 2016

Millions of men and women throughout the nation are fighting with addiction to alcohol. As a less taboo addiction, it

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Death by Alcohol

Written by ,on 23 June 2016

Each year, excessive alcohol use is responsible for 88 thousand deaths in the United States. Excessive drinking is defined as

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Alcoholism Treatment

Written by ,on 22 June 2016

Alcoholism is a deadly disease, if left untreated. It not only affects the alcoholic himself but those closest to him,

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Signs of an Alcoholic

Written by ,on 25 March 2015

Do you believe that a family member or friend is relying too heavily on alcohol? Are you concerned that this

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The Science Behind Addiction Treatment

Written by ,on 26 January 2015

When a person develops an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, they have the opportunity to follow one of three paths:

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The Differences in Addiction between Men and Women

Written by ,on 13 January 2015

At some point in time, almost everybody decides to experiment with an addictive substance. This can include alcohol, illicit drugs,

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The Benefits of Cutting Out Alcohol

Written by ,on 12 January 2015

Now that the new year is here, many people are looking forward to making changes for the better. For some,

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The Rehab Drug: What is it?

Written by ,on 10 December 2014

With so many people addicted to drugs and alcohol, many find themselves experimenting with a variety of treatment options. A

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How the Body Reacts to Alcohol

Written by ,on 25 September 2014

There are many reasons people drink alcohol, from the way it makes them feel to social pressure among others. Alcohol

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