No one wakes up and says ‘Hey I want to be an addict’. Unfortunately some easily fall victim to the disease. While they did not ask to be an addict they do make the choice to continuously feed their addiction. If you are ready to admit to having a problem you can get the help you need to finally overcome your addiction and start your recovery.

Asking For Help

asking-for-helpAddict often have a strong sense of pride, that combined with chronic cravings for drugs and alcohol, can make it difficult to ask for help. For many it takes hitting rock bottom to finally admit to their problem and ask for help. If you are ready to ask for help you can turn to friends and family, your doctor or an addiction treatment center. Undergoing treatment will help give you the foundation you need to start your recovery and commit yourself to lifelong sobriety.

Finding a Drug an
d Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facility

There are thousands of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment facilities throughout the United States. A simple google search can put you in touch with many meeting your personal needs. When you find a treatment program that will work for you it is important to start immediately, things can change between today and tomorrow and you could easily fall back into your addictive ways.

Starting Your Treatment

Within 24 hours of contacting a drug and alcohol treatment facility you will be on your way to creating a happier and healthier life for yourself.

When entering into the treatment facility you will undergo an intake assessment. This will give Doctors and staff a better understanding of your addiction and allow them to put together an individualized treatment plan that will meet your personal needs.


Detoxification is typically the first step in the treatment process. This will allow you to safely withdrawal from drugs or alcohol in a hospital-type setting with 24-7 supervised care. During this times you will receive prescription medications to help ease symptoms of withdrawal and to offer you comfort as you move forward in the treatment process.


Once your withdrawal symptoms are stabilized, you will begin the rehabilitation process. There you will undergo various therapy and individual counseling sessions to help you get to the root cause of your addiction and work through it, as well as helping you to develop skills needed to maintain your sobriety in your daily life. You will also go to daily group counseling sessions, this too will help you to develop skills and give you a better understanding of addiction.

Through each step of the treatment process you will feel more confident in yourself and your ability to maintain your sobriety. Regardless to if you stay 30 or 90 days, each day you will feel stronger and ready to create a more fulfilling life for yourself in sobriety.