For years you have been making excuses to why you can’t get sober, continuing to fuel your addiction. You know it’s easy to make these excuses and recovery is going to be hard, but without taking those first steps your life isn’t going to get better, you may die and your family will lose you forever.

This Isn’t Your Only Story

You are someone’s child, a partner, a parent, a friend…you are not only an addict so don’t let that be the story you are remembered by. Today you are admitting that you have a problem and taking the first step in your recovery. You are changing your story from one of darkness and despair to one of light and passion, a miracle and success. Put the excuses aside and stay positive as you begin this journey.


Getting The Help You Need

Sure you can quit on your own, there is nothing wrong with that. However to give yourself an advantage in your recovery, get the help you need from a rehabilitation center. There you will have the supportive care needed to get through the withdrawal period and beginning stages of your recovery that are the most difficult. You will be able to get a true understanding of your addiction and the opportunity to develop the key tools needed to maintain your sobriety in your daily life and how to deal with triggers that once would have sent you to drugs or alcohol for comfort.

Resources and Organizations

  1. National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center
  3. Alcoholics Anonymous
  4. National Association for Addiction Professionals Mission
  5. Rethinking Drinking
  6. Sober Recovery
  7. Way 2 Hope
  8. Mayo Clinic
  9. American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
  10. Suite 101

You Are Never Alone

Regardless to the wrong you have done to your friends and family, they still love you and want to see you healthy. There are thousands of treatment facilities throughout the United States with men and women willing to help guide you through the beginning stages of your recovery. There are millions of support groups such as AA and NA with people just like yourself looking to overcome addiction and help others overcome theirs. You are never alone!

To create a more fulfilling life in sobriety you must first take the first steps in your recovery, admit you have a problem and ask for help.