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In today’s world, you can become stressed by simply driving down the road. Add in work, home life, and even school into the mix, and your stress level can go through the roof. Dealing with such stress can be difficult, it can have serious effects on one’s health and cause strain in relationships. For many, the thought of using a stress ball seems pointless. “What can one little ball do that would help to relieve this feeling of a weight on my shoulders from stress?” many will say. After attempting to relieve yourself of stress through music therapy, recreational activities, house work, gardening, and so on, it may not seem like enough, so give the stress ball a chance and see just how it might benefit you.

What is a Stress Ball?

A stress ball is what its name would suggest, a spherical malleable toy that you can squeeze in your hand. It has many uses and benefits, helping to relieve stress as it manipulates the fingers and acts as a form of exercise. These stress balls are made in various shapes and sizes to suit the individual’s needs. One can even purchase a custom stress ball that is designed to their particular needs. These stress balls even come in different themes and can be based off the individual’s desires.

The Benefits

The benefits to a stress ball are great. People just need to get past the idea of this being a silly toy and accept that it is something that will help them, with not only managing their stress, but also improving their health.

Stress causes a great deal of physical tension. Using a stress ball helps to reduce this tension from the body, ensuring that your muscles and other body parts are benefited by the action. The reflexology theory has proven that vital organs are strengthened by using this technique, as the various organs in the body gain relaxation and strength through the effective function of energy pathways. The use of the ball will enhance blood circulation throughout various parts of the body.

Stress can also cause sleep deprivation, the use of the stress ball will help to promote sleep as it relaxes the body. Regular use of a stress ball will help you to find clarity of the mind, as your focus is directed towards the act of squeezing the ball which then relaxes the mind and diverts it from stressful activities. You will soon notice and increase in concentration and improvements in your mental strength. There is a reduction in mental tension with the use of the ball, as your attention remains on the ball and you begin to forget other pressures.

Relieve Your Stress and Improve Your Life

The stress ball is not only the most convenient way to quickly and easily relieve stress, it also helps to greatly improve mood. Those who use stress balls regularly develop an overall well-being of the mind and body; they begin to see lifestyle changes and decreased stress levels.