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Chris Bathum, Owner of 20+ Sober Living Houses, Arrested for Drugs

Clinically Reviewed By Dan Schimmel, LCSW, CAP
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Never judge books by their covers.

Chris-BathumChris Bathum started his professional career as an Emergency Coordinator for Synergy, an advertising firm, in 1979. Four years later, Bathum became a manager for the SYDA Foundation, which promotes yoga culture. After being the CEO of both Seasons Recovery Centers and Walking Miracles, Chris Bathum founded Community Recovery Inc. in 2012. The last three mentioned companies are foundations of addiction recovery. It would so far seem Chris Bathum is one hell of a guy. It turns out he is not.


There are over 50 lawsuits pending against Chris Bathum. Readers be advised what follows is graphic in nature. The majority of cases against Bathum include unwanted sexual advances and offering/forcing drugs. Most recently, the cases of Amanda Jester, Dana Reardon and Erika Braukis are in the light. The cases allege Chris Bathum is a heavy drug user, and targets vulnerable girls in his sober houses. He allegedly offers a “scholarship” treatment, or something of the like, and then either offers or forces the victim(s) to take drugs. Each case is different, and details are spared here, but the man is a rapist several times over.

Chris-BathumAlso, claims of insurance fraud are being filed against Chris Bathum. Unable to find all cases against him, surely there must be many more. However, the true irony comes in the reason for his actual arrest on June 29th of this year. Chris Bathum, founder of over 20 sober living homes in the US, was arrested for “transport or sale of a controlled substance.”


Claims against Chris Bathum go as far back as 2012, and this author is a believer in there being some truthful source for such outcry. Bathum vehemently denies any and all allegations against him, and is actually going so far as to countersue many of those suing him. He is countersuing for defamation, and claims any drug abuse associated with him is actually identity theft. Bathum wants to be portrayed as the victim, saying he has always been and continues to be an advocate and “mogul” of addiction recovery and sober living.

Too many allegations against him, from too many different angles, have been filed for him to be a credible character. Sexual battery, rape, drug use and possession, forced drug use unto others, insurance fraud, and operating without a license are most if not all of the pending charges against him. Bathum was released on $300,000 bail twelve hours after his arrest, but time will tell what happens to Chris Bathum.

The moral of the story here is to stay aware of your surroundings and the people in it. Avoid dangerous or unwanted situations, and if ever something does happen that you don’t believe should have, speak up. Unfortunately, there are likely other Chris Bathum’s in the world.

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