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The Benefits of Quitting Alcohol: Prolong your life.

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Alcohol use has been viewed as socially acceptable throughout history. In fact studies show that one glass of wine daily can help to reduce the development of atherosclerosis or the accumulation of fatty plaques in the blood vessels, particularly the coronary arteries that supply the heart. While alcohol does tend to hold health benefits to those who use it in moderation, for others keeping moderation is not quite as simple. Millions of people throughout the world abuse alcohol for its addictive effects and eventually become addicted themselves, require treatment assistance to successfully quit alcohol.

Is it Your Time to Get Sober?

Many do not see the error on their ways, maybe you do not realize the negative effects alcohol is having on your life and health. Quitting alcohol is something you might do when the time comes that you “need” to, rock bottom maybe? OK, of course this all depends on how much you are drinking, how often and what the consequence of that are. You may be unsure on who you can believe or trust when it comes to alcohol abuse or addiction being a problem for you. Sure research may show benefits to drinking one to two drinks daily but that doesn’t take away the risks or change the fact that you may have a problem.

Increase Life Satisfaction with the Benefits to Quitting Alcohol

If you are an alcoholic or someone who is struggling with an alcohol abuse problem getting sober may not be something you want to do. With an open mind take a look into the benefits to quitting alcohol and how you can change your life for the better.

Longer Lifespan

Who doesn’t want to increase their lifespan? Many studies on alcoholics show that you will die 10 to 20 years earlier if you continue to drink up until your death. Quitting alcohol can increase your lifespan by taking away the factor (alcohol) that is slowly, or quickly for some, killing you.

OK so how does a substance that helps clear arteries in the heart kill you? Well your kidneys and liver and used to filter the alcohol, each time you take a drink you are causing damage. Your liver begins to scar, leading to alcoholic hepatitis, until it gets to the end stage where you have liver disease know as alcoholic cirrhosis. When your liver is exposed alcohol on a regular basis there is an increased risk of developing fatty liver disease, as well. Your kidneys are at high risk for becoming enlarged, alcohol alters hormone functions, and increases the risk of kidney failure. The are two vital organs destroyed by alcohol abuse.

You think alcohol is helping you heart, well regular alcohol abuse is not. Many abusing alcohol have increased blood pressure, blood lipids and the risk of stroke and heart disease is drastically increased.

Over time alcohol will cause nervous system disorders known as neuropathy and dementia; impairs balance and memory. You may even experience depression, anxiety insomnia that can lead to you ending your own life, or maybe just not caring about the life you are living.

Improving Your Quality of Live

If you decide to quit drinking then your life will see drastic improvement in just about every way. Your health will begin to improve, you will be able to function normally, you will be able obtain a job and perform work tasks as you once were, you can even get a better job, you can greatly advance your career, your personal and familial relationships will begin to improve and much much more. Your life is what you make of it at this point and there is no where to go but up once you have quit drinking alcohol.

If you continue your life destructive ways of abusing alcohol and feeding your addiction all these life improvements will cease to exist. You can count on things getting worse over time. Sure you may see some benefits in your life time to time but odds are is that with this minimal progress you will soon see things going steadily downward once again.

Improving your Relationships

Repairing broken relationships is a huge benefit to quitting alcohol. You will see a tremendous improvement in all of your relationships. Your friends and family will take interest in helping you reach your goal of lifelong sobriety offering support to you where needed. You will be able to have honest and open relationships with everyone once again, lines of communication will be restored.

While abusing alcohol many of your friends and family may have “given up” on you, walked away and left you to your destructive ways. They did not wish harm on you or hope for you to succumb to addiction but that one day you would see the light and seek out sobriety. Is today that day? If you are ready, your friends and family will be ready to help you, to support you and love you in your recovery.

Quitting alcohol will make you a thousand times more helpful and useful to the people in your life that matter the most. You will see your life and relationships going much smoother and any resentment and anger developed slowly go away.

Spiritual Growth

While you do not need to be focused on healing spiritually many self help groups and treatment programs offers faith based healing approaches. You may or may not have considered yourself spiritual in the past but when quitting drinking a new door will be opened to you where you are able to find faith and transform into the person you want to be, leaving the person you were in the past. For everyone, spiritual or not, when quitting alcohol it is easy to progress in a spiritual nature, finding peace and serenity in sobriety.

Start Benefiting from Quitting Alcohol

If you are ready to prolong your life, improve the quality of your life, mend broken relationships and grow spiritually then quitting alcohol is the right choice. Do not wait to hit rock bottom or stay there once you have. Your life rests in your own hands, seek out treatment and ask for help to start seeing your own benefits from quitting alcohol.

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