Hangover Remedies Image

After a night of binge drinking the next morning you’re hit with a hangover. Rolling out of bed is followed by a pounding head ache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and dehydration. This has happened once or twice to most people of age to drink alcohol. Most suffer through it, others search for a remedy for their hangover.

Top Five Hangover Remedies

  1. Drink A Lot of Water! Alcohol is a diuretic, it depletes your body of water and dehydrates you. Your body is filled with the chemicals and toxins related to the alcoholic beverages you had the night before and the water will help you flush your system out, cleansing it. While water is not going to cure your hangover it will rehydrate you and rid your body of alcohol, making you feel some what better.
  2. Sleep it off! A later night of drinking can be exhausting. You are left feeling fatigue along with a wide variety of other hangover symptoms. Sleeping off your hangover can leave you feeling refreshed upon wakening.
  3. Exercise! Get out of bed and put on your sneakers and start to sweat out the alcohol from the night before. Exercising increases circulation which will rid the toxins and chemicals from alcohol from cells and tissues. It is important to exercising in moderation, going to hard for to long can dehydrate you further and cause you to feel worse.
  4. Painkillers! Medical professionals advise avoiding acetaminophen pain relievers because they can be harsh on the liver. Pain relieves such as Ibuprofen will help take away the throbbing head ache and achy joints.
  5. Take your morning vitamins. Alcohol depletes you body of vitamins A, B (especially B6) and C. This can greatly intensify hangover symptoms, making you feel even worse. Taking vitamins first thing in the morning will help restore levels and help your body to metabolize the alcohol and feel better fast.