Alcoholism and Drug addiction are both treatable diseases. Without the proper treatment it can have devastating result on the individuals health, social, personal and professional life, and in some cases even be fatal. Government Employees Health Association (GEHA)  Members can find relief in knowing that they can get the Drug and Alcohol treatment they need to restore their health with little to no money out of pocket.

Getting Treatment With The Help of GEHA

Government Employees Health Association (GEHA) offers traditional “fee-for-service” health plans. These plans can help to cover a large portion of your treatment services if not all costs. Contacting GEHA members benefits will help you in determining your coverage, as well as provide you with a list of in-network providers you can turn to for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Little To Nothing Out Of Pocket

When using your member benefits through Government Employees Health Association (GEHA) the cost of treatment is usually nothing out of pocket. If your insurance does not come the full cost of your addiction treatment many in-network drug and alcohol rehab center will work with you through private pay to ensure that you get the care you need.