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Does United Cover Addiction Rehabilitation?

United Healthcare is one of the largest health providers in the United States. Since 1977 United Healthcare has offered a wide array of healthcare products including group policies, self-insured programs and Medicare subsidizing. United operates with several divisions and product names including: Uniprise, Golden Rule, Ingenix, and United Behavioral Health.

United Healthcare is a managed health care system that uses a network of care providers to offer members with low cost treatment options from primary care physicians to alcohol rehab. To use the full benefits offered by United the member must stay within the network. A list of providers will be given to each member to choose from. If the member goes outside the network to other healthcare professionals the copay may increase or the member may be require to pay in full out of pocket.

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United Healthcare Members in need of alcohol rehab services will find coverage within their policies. United provides members with a network of rehab centers to choose from. The member much pick from this list choosing an residential, outpatient, day/night addiction counseling or aftercare program.

United Healthcare coverage is varies with each individual policy. United has a separate division for behavioral health with substance abuse treatment, however not all policies offer those services. The members benefits change based on treatment specifics, network options and individual coverage.

Members choosing an alcohol rehab center within United Healthcare’s network will receive partial to full payment for their treatment services. Members are required to have a referral from their primary care physician prior to entering into an network alcohol rehab to ensure full coverage of costs. To find out your member benefits contact United Healthcare’s members services department via phone or email.