As a woman suffering from addiction it can be difficult to admit to having a problem and asking for help. While it is clear that your current lifestyle is not healthy for you or your family, entering into a treatment center and leaving the good parts of your life behind can seem unbearable. There are Women’s Rehab programs throughout the United States that are helping women, like yourself, to get the help you need while maintaining your relationship with your children and family, creating a more fulfilling and healthy future for yourself and your loved ones.

The Best Alcohol Rehabs in the US:

1. Villa Tranquil Recovery - Jupiter, FL

Villa Tranquil Recovery - Jupiter, FL

Villa Tranquil Recovery is a 12-step based transitional living facility designed to support long-term recovery for women. At Villa Tranquil, guests are encouraged to build their sober living community and find new ways of enriching the body, mind, and spirit each day. They offer many wellness-based activities to promote health and well-being such as:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Paddle boarding
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Group Workouts
  • Personal Training
  • Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
  • Golfing
  • Gardening and more!

2. New Directions for Women (NDFW)

New Directions for Women (NDFW)

New Directions for Women (NDFW) is an internationally recognized, comfortable, luxury, attractive 30-bed residential rehab located in Southern California (CA) in Costa Mesa, near Newport Beach’s Back Bay and Nature Preserve. Using the elve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, NDFW’s detox and rehab model uses a multifaceted social approach to the treatment of chemical dependency.  As a women-only rehab, NDFW uses a gender-separate, culturally relevant and holistic addiction treatment services that are designed to meet the special needs of women, women with children and their families. This award-winning facility is state-licensed and certified, with a very high recovery rate. NDFW accepts most insurances and has partial scholarship opportunities available for those without the means to financially afford treatment.

3. Providence Women Recovery (PWR)

Providence Women Recovery (PWR)

Providence Women Recovery (PWR), the Women’s Center for Recovery at Rocky Face is located 45 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia. PWR is an affordable Christian drug and alcohol rehab that offers services for women only. This facility uses an outreach program with Providence Ministries, Inc. of Dalton Georgia as an alternative to traditional drug treatment, which subsidizes nearly half of the actual cost of the patients’ comprehensive 90-day addiction care. Using spiritual treatment with clinical methods, PWR has been able to help many women achieve long-term recovery from addiction.

4. The Rosebriar

The Rosebriar

Rosebriar at Astoria Pointe is a licensed residential treatment facility for women that offers substance abuse and chemical dependency treatment, as well as treatment to those who may have co-occurring mental health disorders. Using abstinence, evidence and holistic-based treatment, patients are able to explore the triggers and underlying causes of their addiction. Rosebriar offers a tranquil setting that promotes sobriety and healing, allowing women to overcome their addictions and begin living more fulfilling lives in sobriety.

5. The Rose

the rose home

The Rose is a women-specific addiction and trauma treatment center in Newport, CA. Patients find comfort in the treatment centers home-like setting, receiving effective treatment from highly experienced doctors and therapists. The Rose offers a wide array of 3-day treatment programs, all tailored to their patient’s individual recovery needs and recognizing the specific needs of women patients. The Rose helps patients to gradually transition into everyday life with an extended care program, helping patients to achieve their goals of life long sobriety.

6. Timberline Knolls

Timberline Knolls

Timberline Knolls is a leading residential treatment facility located on 43 acres in Lemont, Illinois. This facility specializes in treating women and adolescent girls with eating disorders, substance abuse and addiction, and mood disorders. Using holistic, individualized treatment in a caring environment, women and their families are able to heal from disease and move forward to live more fulfilling lives. Timberline Knolls is licensed by the State of Illinois and accredited by The Joint Commission, the nation’s leading healthcare accrediting organization.

7. Residences XII

Residences XII

Residence XII is an alcohol and chemical dependency treatment center for women, located 15 miles northeast of Seattle, Washington in scenic Kirkland, Washington. This facility’s mission is to develop and provide the highest quality chemical dependency treatment programs and comprehensive services to meet the unique needs of women and their families, since opening their doors in 1981. Over 10,000 women have successfully been treated for substance abuse and addictions within Residences XII, moving forward to live a long recovery and to live more productive lives.

8. Women's Treatment Center (TWTC)

Women's Treatment Center (TWTC)

Women’s Treatment Center (TWTC) has been helping women and their families in the Chicago, Illinois area, to overcome substance abuse and addiction since 1990.  TWTC provides rehabilitative services, tools, and support in a community-based setting to women recovering from addiction. TWTC is accredited by the Joint Commission, affirming adherence to the highest standards of care and safety for their clients. TWTC assists 1200 women and 400 children annually, working as a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those suffering from addiction providing services and support for up to two years with 24-hour medically monitored Detox treatment, Residential treatment, Outpatient Treatment, and Recovery Home services.

9. Trinity Glen Women’s Program

Trinity Glen Women’s Program

Trinity Glen Women’s Program is a women’s long-term residential addiction treatment facility, located in the hills of Kent. Trinity Glen is apart of MCCA, Midwestern Connecticut Council of Alcoholism, Inc., a primary provider of substance abuse prevention, evaluation, and treatment services in the greater Danbury, CT area. This treatment center uses a successful inpatient program that is aimed at enhancing the client’s sense of responsibility as well as the importance of their role in the community. This 11-bed facility offers structure, in a sober community with individualized treatment. Each client will receive the care and treatment needed for them to successfully transition into sober living after treatment.