When thinking of the state of Nevada, Las Vegas is often the first City to come to mind.  Of course, Nevada is much more than “Sin City,” but it fits in with the subject of our discussion, “Alcohol Rehab,” i.e., addiction treatment. With all of the partying and the mentality of partying in Las Vegas, it only stands to reason that people will seek help in the State.  The weather in the state is favorable for out-of-state individuals to travel for addiction rehab. We’ve compiled the best rehab centers for alcohol addiction in Nevada based on success rates, costs, insurance accepted, and many other factors to help separate the best from the rest. See the best rehabs in Nevada below.

The Best Alcohol Rehabs in Nevada Include:

#1 Solutions Recovery Center

Solutions Recovery Center logo

Leading the way in the State of Nevada in the number one spot for Nevada is “Solutions Recovery Center” (SRC). It is an American Addiction Center treatment facility, their motto is “One size treatment doesn’t fit all. We will tailor treatment for your needs.”  Quite frankly, in today’s medical model treatment mindset throughout the country, no truer words have been spoken. SRC utilizes “Evidence-Based,” “Measurement-Based,” and Outcome-Based” treatment protocols meeting the highest of standards in the industry.  

Address: 2975 S. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89146


#2 Las Vegas Recovery Center

las vegas recovery center

LVRC comes in at #2 on QuitAlcohol.com’s Best Rehabs in Nevada due to its Opiate-Free Chronic Pain treatment process, Opioid and Opiate addiction have ravaged the country and LVRC specializes with individuals that have become addicted due to pain treatment.

Address: 3321 N Buffalo Drive #150 Las Vegas, NV 89129


Luxe Treatment Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, stands as a beacon of hope for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. This center is committed to facilitating recovery through a variety of carefully designed programs. It offers a wide range of treatment services, including supervised detoxification, residential treatment, intensive outpatient program (IOP), medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and more. At the core of their approach lies the implementation of evidence-based practices seamlessly blended into a treatment plan tailored to each individual. This personalized approach is pivotal in ensuring that every patient’s distinct path toward recovery is both recognized and nurtured, fostering a supportive environment for healing and growth.

Address: 4845 N. Riley St. Las Vegas, Nevada 89149


Vogue Recovery Center

Vogue Recovery Center is a luxury treatment facility located in an exclusive Las Vegas neighborhood.  They pride themselves on luxury accommodations, semi-private rooms, an outstanding 5:1 Staff to Client Ratio, they promote body, mind & spiritual healing and Improved physical health & energy levels.

Address: 1133 Lincoln Ave, Evansville, IN 47714