When most of us think about Mississippi we think of the “Deep South,” southern cuisine, history of racial and civil unrest, but a prideful State of men and women that now work together to live collaboratively giving it the reputation as the “Hospitality State!” In the addiction treatment field, Jackson, Mississippi is full of national addiction treatment professionals affecting change throughout the nation! We’ve gathered information from dozens of rehab centers across Mississippi to find the best rehabs in the state. We’ve used our expertise in addiction treatment to separate these treatment centers and truly call them the best rehabs in Mississippi. 

The Best Alcohol Rehabs in Mississippi Include:

#1 Oxford Treatment Center

Oxford Treatment Center

Oxford Treatment Center, an American Addiction Center treatment facility. Leading the top addiction treatment centers in Mississippi is Oxford located at 297 Co Rd 244 Etta, MS 38627.

#2 Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Mississippi Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, located in Biloxi, Mississippi is a family-owned and operated treatment facility that prides itself on their focus on the family philosophy. Many addiction professionals have labeled “Addiction” as a “Family Disease” thus not dealing with the full family unit is less than adequate. Mississippi D&ATC hits the mark on this protocol of care.

#3 Turning Point

Turning Point

Turning Point, at first glance, TP seems to be a typical treatment facility but take a deeper look and you will see that they have a set treatment protocol they utilize with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and cognitive counseling to address the individual’s addiction issues.