Alcohol, Drug Treatment Centers and California Best Rehabs Centers

The following California Rehabs are the Top 10 Best Rehabs in California for drug and alcohol addiction that could help you to achieve your goal of life-long sobriety and help you get your life back on track. However, it is important to turn to the right place for help to ensure that you are successful in recovery. If you are in the California area, or looking to go away to an environment that will promote your sobriety.,we have researched the following drug and alcohol rehabs in California based on their success rates, costs, types of insurances taken, recovery & treatment programs, and more to give you the most up to date information on these California rehabs. So without further adieu, here are the Top 10 Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in California.

The Best Alcohol Rehabs in the US:

1. Hope Canyon

Hope Canyon

Hope Canyon, located in San Diego, California, is an accredited treatment facility that offers comprehensive treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders. Using proven clinical methods and techniques for those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, Hope Canyon prepares clients to transition through all levels of care. From intervention support to detox, residential treatment, outpatient care, and various therapy options, Hope Canyon offers quality care in a nurturing, comfortable environment.

2. Paradise Detox

Paradise Detox

Paradise Detox, located in La Mesa, California, is a residential treatment program that provides a comfortable & structured environment for those looking to overcome substance abuse and addiction. Through evidence-based therapy and counseling techniques, clients at Paradise Detox address the underlying root of substance abuse to build a solid foundation for long-term recovery. Some of their programs and amenities include Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), Outpatient Programs (OP), aftercare services, sober living arrangement services, life skills training and resources for external support groups and counseling programs.

3. Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center

Malibu Detox and Treatment Center is a dynamic recovery center and inpatient rehab center with three treatment centers on the ridgelines of the highest peaks of the Santa Monica mountains. Each of their homes offers unparalleled privacy & memorable sweeping mountain and ocean views in this luxury rehab. Their three facilities are located on 1.5, 2.5, and 4.5 scenic acres, which provide anonymity, safety, and comfort for residential rehab clients embarking on the addiction treatment recovery journey with medical detox and a comprehensive treatment plan. Malibu Detox & Residential Treatment Center offers evidence-based treatments to help you recover from your addiction. For many, a drug or alcohol detox program may be necessary to help them get through the withdrawal process. Substance abuse treatment programs at Malibu Detox and Residential can include residential and outpatient options, such as residential addiction treatment programs, partial hospitalization programs, medication-assisted treatment, intensive outpatient programs, aftercare programs, treatment providers, and sober living housing. These are some of the best American addiction centers for comprehensive medical detox and more. They work with your health insurance, including those covered by the Affordable Care Act. Also, they are accredited by the Joint Commission.

4. Gratitude Lodge

Gratitude Lodge

Gratitude Lodge is a treatment provider that offers a safe, pet-friendly stay for men and women who want to improve their lives. Our understanding staff provides individualized care in a luxurious, welcoming environment. These rehab programs work with young adults and adults struggling with drug abuse. Our founders have experienced addiction and the journey to recovery themselves, making Gratitude Lodge the perfect place to find recovery that lasts. We have a warm, welcoming environment and expert staff trained to provide care and guidance for every stage of your addiction and mental health treatment. Whether it’s for drugs or alcohol, addiction recovery is a complicated process. But with group therapy, support groups, individualized care, and a structured setting, you’ll learn ways to manage your addiction and build a foundation for lasting sobriety. Benefit from professional treatment advice and treatment facilities available at Gratitude Lodge, one of the best rehab centers in the United States.

5. California Prime Recovery

California Prime Recovery

California Prime Recovery has dedicated itself to providing an addiction treatment experience that provides individuals with the tools necessary to live a happy life free of substances and full of mental wellness. Each individual may suffer from the same underlying problem, but each individual is unique. Our evidence-based programs incorporate innovative treatment modalities tailored to each individual’s needs. California Prime Recovery has dedicated itself to providing a treatment experience that provides individuals with the tools and treatment providers necessary to live a happy life free of substances and full of mental wellness. Each individual may suffer from the same underlying problem, but each individual is unique. Their evidence-based programs incorporate innovative treatment modalities tailored to each individual’s needs. In collaboration with their experienced and passionate treatment team, the CPR drug rehab center focuses on the highest quality of care to be one of the best treatment centers for luxury rehab and quality treatment. Addiction studies show that helping people with coping mechanisms and treatment options has long-lasting, positive outcomes.

6. OC Revive

OC Revive

OC Revive started because a team of like-minded professionals wanted to bring change and hope to their community. OC Revive is a family of highly skilled professionals that will always go above and beyond to provide top-notch addiction treatment and alcohol addiction treatment for your family suffering from drug abuse. These American addiction centers accept health insurance for their treatment options. The OC Revive team consists of Psychologists, Family Therapists, Addiction Counselors, Tutors, Treatment Providers, and Direct Care Staff that ensure your loved one gets the attention and care they deserve.

7. Gloria Detox and Rehab - Los Angeles, California

At Gloria Detox and Rehab Center in Los Angeles, California, every detail is thought out and designed to help those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and any underlying mental health disorders. Gloria Rehab fosters a safe, comfortable, and structured environment to allow clients to work through their addiction and develop the knowledge and tools they need to regain control over their life and start on the road to long-term recovery. Offering a variety of therapies, recreational activities, and holistic practices, clients can enjoy their time in treatment as they commit themselves to work involved in recovery.

8. Jewel City Treatment Center

Jewel City Treatment Center is an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center in California that prioritizes the well-being of its patients from the moment they walk in the door. The team at JC Treatment focuses on treating those suffering from substance abuse in a supportive and healthy environment. They understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction and ensure to provide clients with a unique, handcrafted treatment program to help them maintain their sobriety and health through their most challenging times. Jewel City Treatment Center’s state-of-the-art wellness center focuses on helping to improve the mental health of its clients while providing them with the necessary tools to conquer their addiction and stay sober.

1. What does a rehabilitation center do?

A rehabilitation center is where people suffering drug abuse or other life-altering problems go to get medical and psychotherapy-based treatment. The rehabilitation center helps patients overcome their addictions or manage their ailments. This allows them to re-enter society as a new person.
Most people who suffer from addictions stick out from the crowd like a sore thumb and because of that, it gets difficult for them to leave their addiction and go back to normalcy. A rehabilitation serves as a getaway that forces people to leave their toxic environments and enter the one that is free from all triggers.

Rehabilitation centers are run by medical professionals who receive the right training to help patients to recover from drug abuse. At these rehabilitation centers, you will get catered for not just the addiction itself but you will also get treatment for the mental and medical issues that come with it. Rehabilitation centers provide a plethora of different treatments for different problems. It depends on your doctor as to what treatment you will receive.
There are also different types of rehabilitation centers that provide you services based on what you prefer and what treatment is the best for your case. For instance, you might want to join a residential rehabilitation center that makes you stay under the observation of medical professionals 24/7. This helps them monitor your progress and ensure that you do not relapse. If you do not want a residential rehabilitation program, you can even go for an outpatient program that allows you to attend treatment sessions and go back home.

California rehabs are equipped to cater to all the different sorts of drug addictions and can help you get through with your addiction quicker and more efficiently than you think.

2. What is the rehabilitation process?

Going for rehabilitation can be quite daunting. You might have heard several things from several people and some might even contradict each other. It is very important for you to be aware of what exactly goes on in a rehabilitation center so that you are not confused when you first set foot in one. You might already be very confused and nervous as to what may ensue. To prevent unnecessary worrying, it is best to aware yourself of the rehabilitation process so that it does come as a surprise to you.

Rehab in California follows a four-phase rehabilitation process that allows them to ensure each patient reaches success.

1. Pre Treatment Assessment

It is very important for the rehabilitation center to assess you completely before you start with your treatment. They will take a complete medical history from you, that will include your drug abuse history along with any medical conditions you might be suffering from. If the need be, it is possible for your doctors to even ask for the medical history of your family. Once the assessment is complete, the doctor will devise a complete treatment plan for you so that you can start with it as soon as possible.

2. Detox

In most drug abuse cases, it becomes necessary to go through a detox. This helps bring down the quantity of drugs you have in your system. The main reason for going through a detoxification process is to control your withdrawal symptoms. Most people face severe withdrawal symptoms and that can take a quiet toll on their health. Their will to continue with the rehabilitation process is also affected.

3. Extensive Treatment

Once you are detoxified, your doctor will start you on the actual treatment. This treatment includes medication along with psychotherapy to cater to all your mental problems.
Your doctor will help decide the best treatment for you depending on your problem.

4. Aftercare

After the extensive treatment, do not believe that you are done with and do not need further assistance. Your doctor will give you a plan that you must follow after your treatment to ensure that you stay on the recovery track.

3. What are the different rehabs types?

If you think that there is only one type of rehab then you are sadly mistaken. Since not all drug addiction cases are the same, all recovery centers California are also not the same. For different needs, you can find different rehabs such as:

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient, rehab centers are those centers where the patients are required to stay in a residential suite and spend their days getting treatment. These patients are not allowed to leave the centers until they are completely through with their treatments. They are constantly under the watchful eyes of medical professionals. These patients are kept in an environment that is free from all triggers.

Outpatient Rehab

For this rehab program patients are not asked to stay in the facility for the whole tenure of their treatment but they can come and go. These patients are called in for different aspects of their treatments and are let go once that they are through with them. These types of treatments work best for people who cannot just up and leave their lives to come for rehab. If you have commitments that demand your attention regularly, you can sign up for a treatment in the best treatment center in California.

Intensive Outpatient Program

This is very similar to an outpatient rehab but it allows patients to come in for a selected number of days throughout the week and get intensive treatment. This helps them save time and they are able to get the extensive treatment they want without having to attend the facility for a prolonged period of time.

Support Groups

Support groups are not exactly what you would call rehab but they serve the same purpose of offering assistance to drug addicts by helping them converse with people suffering from the same level of drug addiction.

4. Who qualifies for rehabilitation?

Do you qualify to get into a rehabilitation center? Is your drug addiction reaching a severity where it is necessary for you to get rehabilitation services? A doctor is probably the best person to tell you whether it is time for you to get enrolled in rehab. But to make the visit to the doctor you need some symptoms to rectify whether your drug abuse problem is becoming too big of an issue to deal with.
Here are some things that you need to look out for:

Are Drugs Becoming The Highlight Of Your Day?

If drugs are all you think about throughout the day then chances are that you need rehab as soon as possible. You need to realize if drugs are the only good p[art of your day and the only thing that you actually look forward to. Before you started taking drugs, there must have been several things that might have made you happy or given you any sort of joy. But now that you started taking drugs and are more or less addicted. All those things will not give you the happiness they used to before.

Is Your Health Declining?

If you feel that the drug abuse has had a severe effect on your health, you should get help right away. You should never compromise on your health as that can lead to more adverse issues.

Have You Started Taking Increased Doses?

Take a look at your past and if you have increased your doses over time. You must have. The doses that you used to take earlier would now have little to no effect on you as now you are immune to them. The increase will only grow and can lead to severe problems such as overdosage. Before that happens you must stop it and head to rehab.

Is It Too Difficult To Quit?

Quitting on your own is already difficult you cannot quit your drug addiction all on your own. You have tried and realized that. Therefore it is best for you to take help from rehabs California and get your life back.

5. Alcohol vs Drug Rehab: What is the difference?

Drug and alcohol abuse are both treated quite differently as they have different requirements. You would need to get in touch with a medical practitioner to get a detailed answer. However, we can discuss the details of different treatments here:

Alcohol Rehab

For people addicted to the consumption of Alcohol, the treatment starts with detoxification. It is very important to detoxify and get the alcohol out of the body before it becomes too difficult to deal with. The withdrawal symptoms worsen when a patient starts treatment and still has alcohol in their body. The symptoms get worse to an extent where it is debilitating and can be the reason why people give up.

Once the detoxification is complete, the patient is then directed to medicines that help them numb down the withdrawal symptoms. During that these patients are given the needed therapies to help them get over the addiction. Good alcohol rehab in California is all you need.

Drug Rehab

Drug rehab does not have to start with detoxification but it must follow suit with the rest of the treatment. the withdrawal symptoms can be catered to with the help of medicines.

The rest of the treatment for both types of addiction is pretty similar. You must get in touch with your doctor from your rehab in California as soon as possible so that they can review your treatment plans

6. What is a treatment center?

A treatment center in California revolves around the idea of providing different treatments to people suffering from one type of addiction or the other. It is in most cases a residential center that demands people to stay within the facility to get their drug addictions sorted.

These centers provide a holistic treatment that caters to all aspects of drug addiction. That includes mental issues and health scares that might have developed because of drug addiction. These treatment centers are an escape for drug addicts as the environment they come from is pretty damaging. It is important for them to leave the triggering scene and enter one where they can solely focus on their health, well being, and stability.

A treatment center is run by medical professionals who focus on getting you the best assistance possible. Look for the best rehabs in California and you are good to go.