Luxury Rehabs for alcohol treatment are on the rise. Where some people are looking to just break their addiction to alcoholism, some need a more upscale and luxurious rehab experience. We’ve compiled the best 10 luxury rehabs in the country.

Best Luxury Rehabs in the US

Fortunately for those who find themselves in this position,  alcohol rehab centers are becoming more advanced than ever before. Not only are many of these located in some of the nicest parts of the world, but some are focused on luxury features and amenities including:

  • Private rooms
  • Gourmet chefs
  • Oceanfront Properties
  • Variety of activities

Along with this, you can also expect access to some of the best medical professionals in the world.

The following 5 luxury alcohol rehabs are some of the best and most successful in the industry, while also providing each and every person with high quality, luxurious treatment experience.

1. Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center

Malibu Detox Best Rehab Centers

Malibu Detox and Treatment Center is a dynamic recovery center and inpatient rehab center with three treatment centers on the ridgelines of the highest peaks of the Santa Monica mountains. Each of their homes offers unparalleled privacy & memorable sweeping mountain and ocean views in this luxury rehab. Their three facilities are located on 1.5, 2.5, and 4.5 scenic acres, which provide anonymity, safety, and comfort for residential rehab clients embarking on the addiction treatment recovery journey with medical detox and a comprehensive treatment plan. Malibu Detox & Residential Treatment Center offers evidence-based treatments to help you recover from your addiction. For many, a drug or alcohol detox program may be necessary to help them get through the withdrawal process. Substance abuse treatment programs at Malibu Detox and Residential can include residential and outpatient options, such as residential addiction treatment programs, partial hospitalization programs, medication-assisted treatment, intensive outpatient programs, aftercare programs, treatment providers, and sober living housing. These are some of the best American addiction centers for comprehensive medical detox and more. They work with your health insurance, including those covered by the Affordable Care Act. Also, they are accredited by the Joint Commission.

2. 4 Seasons Detox and Recovery House - Los Angeles, California

Four Seasons Detox And Recovery House

3. Luxe Treatment Center - Las Vegas, NV

Luxe Treatment Center

4. Gloria Detox and Rehab - Los Angeles, California


5. Enlight Treatment Center - Ventura County, California

Enlight Treatment Center