As a parent you live in fear that your child will get mixed up in the wrong things, ruining their future. When finding out that your adolescent is using drugs or alcohol, unable to stop on their own, it is overwhelming, to say the least. Many parents and their children do not know where to go, feel discouraged as if there is no hope for their loved one’s future. The good news is when an addiction in an adolescent is caught early they have an increased chance of making a full recovery, even in those who are far advanced in their addiction to drugs or alcohol can make a full recovery.

The Best Adolescent Rehabs in the US:

1. Family First Adolescent Services

Family First Adolescent Services

Family First Adolescent Services provides individualized treatment options for adolescent boys and girls and young men with substance use disorders and behavioral concerns. They offer residential inpatient treatment for adolescent boys 14-18, as well as gender-specific intensive outpatient services for adolescent boys and girls, as well as young men up to the age of 30. The entire family is their client and their focus on the family dynamic honors the research and notion that substance abuse is a family disease. They believe that an individual’s best chance for long-term recovery happens when the entire family undergoes a shift toward healthier thinking. Their clients and their family receive family systems therapy, coping and relapse prevention skills and mindfulness training. The overall goal is to interrupt the cycle of addiction and prevent the progression of addiction through abstinence, education, therapeutic interventions and family support. Truly a top tier program in the United States, their admission criteria is selective due to their low, individualized census. Each patient is truly cared for at Family First.

2. New Beginnings

New Beginnings

New beginnings is committed to discontinuing the harmful and potentially life-threatening behavior associated with drug and alcohol addiction. Their 20-acre facility, located in Louisiana, is the perfect setting for your adolescent to recover. The facts are, every teenager is different, which is why their award-winning residential program succeeds in educating and healing teens.

3. Island View Residential Treatment Center

Island View Residential Treatment Center

Island view is a 90-bed, co-ed, residential treatment center that holds focuses on the positive and healthy development of troubled adolescents. The facility is located 30 minutes North of Salt Lake City, Utah. They offer an integrated therapeutic program that combines group, individual, and family therapies, full-time psychiatric and nursing services, college-preparatory academics, and robust recreational programming. Using a holistic treatment approach they have helped many teens to overcome their addictions to drugs or alcohol.

4. Turning Point

Turning Point

Turning point is a nationally recognized leader in the treatment of young men with addictions. This facility is located in Connecticut where thousands of young men have gotten a fresh start in life. Turning Point is founded on the principle that while young men in early recovery need continued structure, guidance, peer support, and clinical services, they also need to learn how to have fun in sobriety. This is achieved through individualized intensive substance abuse treatment with a wide variety of recreational activities and a three-phase step-down model.


5. Gateway Foundation Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Gateway Foundation Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Gateway Foundation Drug and Alcohol Treatment have 10 Illinois locations that have been helping adults and teens to recover from addiction for over 40 years. Teenagers and young adults can find specialized treatment programs at Gateway, with services tailored to their individual recovery needs. Patients that are not in need of a residential program can find comfort in Gateway’s outpatient treatment which allows them to attend treatment services after school, helping them to regain control of their lives and create a better future for themselves.

6. Mountain Home Youth Ranch

Mountain Home Youth Ranch

Mountain Home Youth Ranch is designed for adolescents ages 12 to 17 years suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. They offer a year-round, coed, outdoor-based therapy and drug rehabilitation program. With over 15,000 acres, this ranch in Northwest Colorado has been able to help adolescents overcome their dependencies on drugs or alcohol with treatment tailored to their individual needs, using nature and nurture to help them create a more fulfilling future for themselves in sobriety.

7. Four Winds Ranch Residential Drug Treatment for Teen Girls

Four Winds Ranch Residential Drug Treatment for Teen Girls

Four Winds Ranch Recovery Center is a nationally recognized affordable residential treatment facility with services developed specifically for adolescent females. One of the main goals of Four Winds Ranch is to help patients through the beginning stages of recovery while also assisting with the development of initial educational and vocational choices and decisions. Teen girls ages 14 to 18 years are able to get the help they need to heal from the damaging effects of addiction while developing the skills needed to create a better future for themselves in sobriety.

8. Hazel Street Recovery Center

Hazel Street Recovery Center

The Hazel Street Recovery Center is a 24-bed adolescent treatment center for young men ages 14 through 18 years of age located in Texarkana TX. At Hazel Street treatment is focused around the biological, psychological, and social components of the addiction, helping the patient to heal as a whole alongside their family. Patients will learn how to cope with the day-to-day stress they face young adults and will face throughout their lives without returning to drug or alcohol abuse. Hazel Street does not cover up the problem with prescription medications, they treat the root cause of the addiction helping the patient to heal as a whole.

9. Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center

Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center

Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center offers treatment services to teens and young adults in the state of Texas. Patients entering Memorial Hermann each receive individualized treatment programs to ensure that their personal addiction is treated fully. Using a 12 step-based program Memorial Hermann has been able to help thousands of teens and young adults to overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol ad redirect their futures to one that is full of opportunity in sobriety.


These drug and alcohol rehab facilities offer around-the-clock supervision and treatment within their residential adolescence treatment programs. Depending on the needs of the adolescence their stay can last several months up to a year. The objective it to get your loved one over their physical and psychological addiction to drugs or alcohol, aid them in working through any mental or emotional illness and teach them the tools needed to maintain their sobriety in their day to day life, thus redirecting them to a sober more fulfilling future.