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Treating Your Alcohol Abuse Problem

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Alcohol abuse has been a problem throughout history. People of all walks of life abuse alcohol, finding themselves overwhelmed and lost. For most they get to a point where they can either continue to abuse alcohol until they pay the ultimate price or they can admit they have a problem and seek help for it.

Get The Help You Need

Treating your alcohol abuse problem is not going to be easy but you will make it through with the right treatment. You have made the first step in recovery by admitting you have a problem and seeking help for it, now it is time to determine exactly what type of treatment you need.

How Severe is Your Alcohol Abuse Problem?

The type of treatment you need can be determined by the severity of your alcohol abuse problem.

Alcohol Abuser

If you feel as if you are loosing control but still able to stop drinking alcohol on your own, you may be suffering from an alcohol abuse problem. Alcohol abusers can easily develop a tolerance to alcohol but do not experience withdrawal and cravings that go along with a physical dependency to alcohol. You may go on weekend binges where you drink large amounts of alcohol and then are sober throughout the week. You feel yourself loosing control and want help before you develop alcoholism.


If you are regularly abusing alcohol and feel yourself loosing control there are many ways to treat your alcohol abuse problem. Joining a self help group, such as AA, can help you to regain your strength to ignore the temptation to drink. Others within the group have been in similar situations and can give you guidance on how to stay sober.

This may not be enough for you. If so an out patient rehab program can help you. You will go through an initial detoxification process and receive pharmaceutical therapy to help prevent you from relapsing. Counseling and therapy sessions will help you to uncover the cause of your alcohol abuse problem and work through it, as well as any other issues you may have. An out patient rehab program can help you regain control and overcome your alcohol abuse problem.


If you are an alcoholic you are physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol. When stopping the use of alcohol you will be overwhelmed by symptoms of withdrawal. You may drink at inappropriate times, your thoughts and actions revolve around drinking and your health may be deteriorating from drinking alcohol on a regular basis. All areas of your life sees devastating effects due to alcohol use.


Treating alcoholism often requires an inpatient rehab program. There you will be take away from temptation and put through an individualized treatment plan. You will be detox, offered pharmaceutical therapy and go through numerous counseling and therapy sessions to help you overcome your physical and psychological addiction to alcohol.

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