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The Cottages of the Palm Beaches

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The Cottages of The Palm Beaches are known as one of the most affordable drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in South Florida. Patients are able to find top rated care and treatment in stays up to 90 days. Patients are able to detox from drugs and alcohol, receive intensive addiction treatment, day rehabilitation, within a supportive sober living.

24-7 Supportive Care

Patients at The Cottages of The Palm Beaches receive 24-7 psychiatric and medical services. There patients receive individualized treatment tailored to meet their personal recovery needs using the twelve step approach to recovery from drugs and alcohol. Nearly all of the Cottages professional treatment staff are licensed and/or certified in addiction treatment counseling making it possible to provide patients with the best possible treatment and supportive care available to them.

Living At The Cottages

The Cottages of the Palm Beaches provides patients with hotels-style living spaces, a home away from home during treatment. Patients are monitored and have the 24-7 support they need to prevent relapse and keep sober. With a full staff of trained specialists patients have transportation to get to medical Doctors appointments and monitored outings.

Supporting On Going Sobriety

From the time the patient enters into The Cottages of the Palm Beaches they will find the support they need threw assessments, extended care, sober living, education, individual and group therapy, and personalized lifestyle plans, all helping them to get sober and stay sober. Patients are offered additional services including interventions, acupuncture, massage therapy, medical detox, EMDR, hypnotherapy and stress management.

Support Does Not Stop When You Return Home, You Become an Alumni

The support does not stop when leaving a treatment program at The Cottages of the Palm Beaches. Each and every patient who has completed the program will have the support of the cottages when returning home and in their day to day life through their Alumni programs. Staff actively stays on contact with graduates of the program to help ensure their long term recovery.

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