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The Betty Ford Center

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The Betty Ford Center is a licensed Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital, located in the community of Rancho Mirage, California on a 20 ache ranch. This non profit treatment facility provides patients with the supportive care needed to overcome their addictions to drugs or alcohol in a controlled, therapeutic and safe environment. Each patient will have a team of Doctors, Nurses, Therapist, Counselors and others staff helping to ensure they make it through their treatment with the outcome of life long sobriety.

State of The Art Treatment

The Betty Ford Center opened its doors in 1982, since that time they have held a great standard of care towards patients, providing state of the art treatment, and maintaining an unparalleled level of excellence in the field of addiction treatment. The center uses many aspects to provide a unique, supportive and healing environment to their patients between staff, the facility and the treatment provided. Holding true to its promise, The Betty Ford Center continues to provide patients and their families with world-class treatment and education, helping them to restore their hope in recovery.

A Life Time Support System

When completing treatment at The Betty Ford Center patients will not be alone. Each patient will join a special community of recovery when they leaving. Alumni from the Betty Ford Center chapters meet regularly at locations throughout the United States and Canada, offering their support to others and helping to keep on track with recovery. These 12 step support meeting help each patient in recovery to remember they are not alone in their recovery and always have someone to turn to in hopes to prevent relapse.

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