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Solutions Recovery Center is a private treatment facility located in Boca Raton, Florida. Founded by Dan Callahan, who holds 25 years of recovery personally, patients will receive treatment and advice from someone who has been there. In Dan’s recovery he learned how to maintain his sobriety and wants to share it with you. After becoming a licensed therapist Dan was able to put his treatment ideas in action, helping hundreds to successfully break free from addiction.

Proven Treatment System, “The Break Free Plan”

Solutions Recover Center is one of the only facilities that uses a proven treatment system to help patients break free from addiction. The unique “Break Free Plan” was created at Solutions Recovery Center with their patients success in sobriety in mind.

They use the Triangle Offense where every patient has a primary therapist, a primary counselor and an additional addictions counselors on their team for any needs that patient may have, especially in a time of crisis.

When completing your treatment program you will not be returning home alone. A Solutions counselor will accompany you home, stay with you and help you with the reintegration process. Just as starting your recovery was not easy, returning home is not going to be easy, that is why we are there to help you keep sober while going through the reintegration process.

Meeting Patients Individual Recovery Needs

No two people, no two addictions are the same, and no two treatment plans should be the same. This is why at Solutions each patient receives an individual treatment plan that uses a wide array of treatment services tailored to the patients individual recovery needs. Treating the mind, body and soul all patients will be able to heal as a whole, leaving their addiction in the past and looking to a brighter future in sobriety.

Making New Choices, Better Choices

There are two main treatment philosophies used by drug and alcohol rehab centers. “One, force the individual to face that they have a disease in need of curing. Or two, help them to reflect on their personal choices so they can move forward consciously while making new, better choices.”

At Solutions Recovery Center treatment is based off the second philosophy. Each patient will be able to recognize and understand their thoughts, routines and actions associated with drug and alcohol abuse. They will then be able to consciously make the better choice of sobriety.

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