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Recoverying in the Comfort of Home with the Help of a Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

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Not everyone needs to enter into a residential alcohol rehab, an outpatient alcohol rehab will allow them similar treatment but in the comfort of their own home. Your choice to receive treatment through an outpatient alcohol rehab may be because you have personal responsibilities such as children, work or school that taking time away from is just not an option. Regardless to why you are choosing outpatient treatment you will be able to get treatment you need to get sober and stay sober.

Starting Outpatient Treatment

When coming to an outpatient alcohol rehab you are admitting you have a problem and asking for help. You will now be required to stay for an extended period of time but will need to return to the facility for treatment each day. With a combination of pharmaceutical treatment and behavioral modification therapies you will be able to get sober and gain the tools you will need to maintain your sobriety throughout your life.

Pharmaceutical Treatment

Outpatient treatment does not have a way to keep you from temptation as an residential program does. This is why pharmaceutical treatment is key. Prescription benzodiazepine medications can be given to help relieve any withdrawal symptoms while you are detoxing at home. Other medications will help you to control your sobriety but removing cravings and even making you feel physically ill when drinking alcohol. These medications will be a key factor in your treatment but they are not a permanent solution so you will be weened from them during treatment so that you can fully maintain your sobriety on your own.

Behavioral Modification Therapy

You will need to identify key behaviors that have lead to your addiction to alcohol. You will relearn positive behaviors and routines to promote sober living. Any underlying causes for your addiction to alcohol with be identified and you will work through them along with any other mental or emotional aspects to your addiction. You therapist will help you to develop tools needed to maintain your sobriety and focus on life long sober living.

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