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Malibu Horizon

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Malibu Horizon is a private world renowned center of therapy and wellness nestled in hills near the Pacific Ocean. With two spacious location patients are able to find comfort and peace. Malibu Horizon’s tastefully appointed accommodations help them to feel safe and at home. With 24-7 staffing, patients are carefully monitored to ensure their health and safety during treatment.

Only accepting 12 patients at a time, Malibu Horizon is able to provide each person is able to receive the individualized care needed to successfully overcome their addiction and create a sober, more fulfilling future for themselves.

Therapy and Counseling To Create a Brighter Tomorrow

Malibu Horizon offers an peaceful environment conducive to your sobriety. A wide array of clinical therapy programs are done within Malibu’s friendly, spacious environments. Your one-on-one therapy sessions will take place int he privacy of your therapists office, allowing you to get to the root cause of your addiction, working through any mental or emotional issues you may have.

Rooms designed for maximum comfort and communication will be used for regular group meetings to help you work through your addiction. You will enjoy a wide array of therapies such as; music therapy, art therapy and equine therapy, all designed to help you work through your addiction, issues surrounding your addiction and allowing you to develop the key tools needed to maintain your sobriety when returning home.

treating Addiction as an Illness

Using the most advanced approach to alcohol and drug treatment, Malibu Horizon’s program has been researched and proven to work. Each patients treatment works to get to the root cause of their addiction, uncovering any issues and helping them to overcome their addiction. Working one-on-one with an addictions counselor patients are able to identify and carefully address the core patterns causing a continual return to self-destructive behaviors. Each aspect of Malibu Horizons treatment program allows patients to get a step closer to life long sobriety.

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