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Jewish vs Christian Rehab Centers

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Alcohol abuse and addiction is known to be a growing epidemic throughout the country and across the world. Fighting this epidemic is an objective by all who are directly and indirectly effected by it. Alcoholism is a treatable, yet incurable, disease. For most the odds are that someone in their family too suffered from drug or alcohol addiction in the past or are currently battling it themselves.

Filling the Emptiness Only to Hit Rock Bottom

Many begin using alcohol to fill an emptiness inside, to ease physical or emotional pain. Eventually it stops working, taking the opposite effect. They are unable to experience the natural pleasures of life without alcohol, leaving them feeling low and depressed. Many people get to their point, giving up the fight and losing faith, eventually hitting rock bottom.

A faith-based treatment program will help those who are ready to overcome alcoholism, battle this disease and regain their faith in God. With Jewish and Christian Rehab Centers many choose which to enter into based on their religion.

Restoring Faith

Jewish and Christian Rehab Centers hold many commonalities, the objective of both being to help you to work through your physical and psychological dependency to alcohol while helping to restore your faith in God. The rehab centers your faith based recovery and faith based treatment programs to help clients to find their way back to sobriety, allowing them to become productive parts of society again without being completely dependent on alcohol. Jewish and Christian Rehab Centers both believe that once faith and love for God is restored that any thing is possible, including making a full recovery from alcoholism.

Finding Your Faith

Most alcoholics are lost, they feel abandoned by friends and family due to their disease, as if they are struggling alone. Jewish and Christian Rehab Centers work with each client on an individual basis to help them find their faith and with they mend broken relationships, regaining control of their lives. Each client is reminded that with faith in God all things are possible, they are never alone because God is with them each step of the way.

Treatment in Jewish Rehab Centers

Jewish Rehab Centers treatment is comprised of spiritual modalities centered toward Judaism, using the word Techiya which is Hebrew for rebirth or resurrection. Jewish doctrine regards certain chronic, physical and social diseases such as Alcoholism as forms of death. Jewish Rehab Centers help members of the Jewish faith to find a new beginning in life through counseling, therapy, detoxification and educational services all based around their faith. Jewish-focused addiction recovery includes the observance of Jewish holidays and treatment according to the clients medical and spiritual needs. Clients are able to work threw their addiction starting with an spiritual assessment and spiritual tasks in treatment plans that will help them to regain control of their lives and strengthen their faith in God.

Treatment in Christian Rehab Centers

Christian Rehab Centers base their teachings of the Christan bible; that man is not justified by his own works, but rather by his faith. It is taught that all men are subject to failings as human beings, but to hold faith in Christ who had died for our sins. Applying these teachings to Alcohol Treatment allows clients to admit that they are not strong enough to overcome addiction themselves, but need the spiritual guidance of the lord to do so. While Christian Rehab Centers do often use traditional treatment models with detoxification, counseling, therapy and education they base all treatment around faith.

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