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How do you know when it’s time for an alcohol rehab?

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Going to an alcohol rehab is the last thing anyone wants to do. You don’t want to stay in a facility where everyone knows your an alcoholic and your faults are uncovered. Some times alcohol rehab is the only option left to stop drinking. How do you know when it is time for an alcohol rehab?

Your Alcoholism Is So Bad It Hurts Without Alcohol

The reason you began drinking was to relieve pain, both physical and emotional. Alcohol allowed you to escape for your problems of today and your memories of yesterday that cause you pain. While you thought at one point alcohol was relieving your pain you now see that all it is doing is causing more pain in your life and the lives of those closest to you. Alcohol does not cover up your discomfort anymore and you need to drink more to find any sort of relief. When you are not drinking alcohol you are uncomfortable, angry and overwhelmed with pain.

When you do drink more alcohol things become more tolerable. Now your life is not what it once was. You have lost the things that were once important to you, your ambitions are gone and your closest relationships are suffering. You know all of this is because of the alcohol. Your drinking has taken over and begun to control every aspect of your life. How long will you let alcohol consume you? An alcohol rehab can help you overcome the pain and work through your addiction.

You Fear Alcohol Will Kill You

When intoxicated you may feel immortal, however you know you are not. All to many times you have heard of others dying from the health effects of alcohol or foolish choices they have made while intoxicated such as driving under the influence. You know that the drink in your hand could very well be your last one if alcohol poisoning sets in and takes your life. When it doesn’t you know you are lucky to be alive and given a second chance.

The question is how many time will you drink, risking your health and life? Will your family find you dead or get that heart breaking call that you have died? If you do drink to much and suffer alcohol poisoning will anyone be around to help you? You have the choice to keep drinking or to stop and enter into an Alcohol Rehab for treatment.



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