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Finding an Affordable Alcohol Rehab

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To think of the cost of alcohol rehab is overwhelming itself. You should not have to worry about cost when you are suffering from this horrible disease, but you do. Many insurance companies will only cover$14,000 to $20,000 of treatment costs, leaving you or your family to cover the remain amount. This is why looking for an affordable alcohol rehab is important to help keep from having to pay out of pocket for the treatment you need.

Affordable Alcohol Rehab Does Not Mean Low Quality

Just because you are looking for an affordable alcohol rehab does not mean you need to settle of a low quality of care. You need above state minimum of care and a supportive facility to get sober. Visiting a site such as can help you to find an affordable alcohol rehab that will give you the care you need and deserve to get sober and stay sober.

Average Cost of Alcohol Rehab

The average cost of an alcohol rehab is $650 per day. This covers your stay within the facility, all of the medical care and housing costs. With the average stay at an alcohol rehab being 28 to 30 days you will pay up to $20,000. This means your insurance could pay nearly all of your treatment costs and allow you to stay within the facility until you are confident in your sobriety to leave.

Getting The Help You Need

Do not worry about numbers, by contacting an company such as and you will be connected to an alcohol rehab that is affordable and will meet your treatment needs. You do not need to spend your time focusing on cost when you can focus on sober living.

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