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Drug Rehab Centers in Sitka, Alaska

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Sitka, Alaska has a wide array of animals, the tranquility of the wilderness, as well as Drug Rehab Centers that provide a unique environment for addicts to recover. If you are living in the Sitka area or looking to get away from the temptations at home you can enter into a Sitka, Alaska Drug Rehab Center for the treatment needed to get clean and stay sober.

Treatment Unique to Your Needs

When entering into a Drug Rehab Center in Sitka, Alaska you will find yourself in an relaxing environment surrounded by wilderness and wildlife. This environment will help to take you away from the temptations within your home and allow you to find comfort within a facility free of drugs and alcohol with supportive therapies to help keep you on the road to recovery. Your treatment will be unique to your needs with staff putting together an individualized treatment plain to help guide you through the recovery process.


Detox is typically the first step in most treatment plans. There are three main types of detoxification processes; natural, medical and rapid. The natural process allows you to cleanse from the chemicals and toxins related to drug abuse, using meditation and other exercises to help you get passed withdrawal. The medical detox process allows Doctors to prescribe you a medication to lessen symptoms of withdrawal and help control cravings while you are being cleansed. Those with serious opioid addictions may use the rapid detox process where they are sedated and quickly cleansed from drugs.

Therapy and Counseling

Therapy and counseling play a key roll in your treatment. It allows you to work through your psychological addiction, as well as any mental or emotional issues you may have. Individual counseling will help you to get to the root cause of your addiction and work through it. Cognitive therapy sessions will help you to recognize the dysfunctional thoughts, behaviors and routines associated with drug abuse and to change them to ones which will promote your sobriety. Each therapy and counseling session will help you to develop the skills needed to maintain your sobriety in your day to day life.

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