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Drug Rehab Centers in Hoover, Alabama

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Drug abuse has brought nothing but destruction to your life. Using drugs has allowed you an escape for a short while but once its effect ware off you are exposed to its devastating effects on your life and the lives of those closest to you. If you are ready to overcome your addiction to drugs and begin focusing on live a clean life in sobriety then contact a Drug Rehab Center in Hoover, Alabama for the help you need to succeed.

Treating Your Drug Addiction

When entering into a Drug Rehab Center you will go through an intake assessment. This involves a physical and psychological examination, as well as an addictions questionnaire. The information gathered from this will give Doctors and staff a clear understanding of your addiction, allowing them to put together an individualized treatment plan that holds an approach and treatment aspects tailored to your personal recovery needs.

Your Individualized Treatment Plan

Each aspect to your treatment will be tailored to your individual recovery needs. This is because drug rehab centers are fully aware that there is no cookie cutter treatment approach and will do all they can to help their patients overcome there addictions. Using medical, holistic, and even faith-based treatment approaches people of all walks of life are able to recover from drug addiction. Your treatment will be specific to your needs and possibly hold treatment aspects such as these:

  • Detoxification to cleanse your body of the chemicals and toxins related to drug abuse
  • Individual counseling to give you time one on one with counselor to work through your psychological dependency, as well as any mental or emotional strain your addiction has had.
  • Group counseling will help you to work through your addiction with the support and understanding of others in similar situations. By sharing your story of addiction with others in treatment you are helping them while helping yourself.
  • Family counseling will help you to mend broken relationships with friends and family, developing a strong support system for when you return home.
  • Chemical Dependency Education will help you to have a full understanding of your addiction and teaching you key tools needed to maintain your sobriety when returning home.

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