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Drug Rehab Centers in Birmingham, Alabama

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Drug addiction is a growing problem throughout the nation. The Alabama city Birmingham is not free of this growing epidemic. Men and women of all ages, races and backgrounds have easily fallen victim to drug addiction, needing help from a Drug Rehab Center in Alabama. These rehab centers make it possible for addicts to regain control of their lives and focus living a more fulfilling life in sobriety. You too can take back your life with the help of an Birmingham Drug Rehab Center.

Taking Back Your Life

Today is the day you take back control of your life. Drugs have played such a major role in your life that you have revolved your everyday activities, finances, and home life around its use. Today you say no more! Drug rehab centers in Birmingham, Alabama will help you get your life back.

Steps to Your Recovery

The first step when entering into a drug rehab center is going to be the intake assessment. This will provide Doctors and staff with the information needed to put together an individualized treatment plan, treating all areas of your addictions safely.


Typically the first aspect to your treatment plan would be detox. This is the process in which your body is cleansed of the chemicals and toxins related to drug abuse. Depending on the treatment approach taken this can be done in a natural way, allowing your body to cleanse itself and managing symptoms of withdrawal with meditation, yoga and other therapeutic exercises. A medical detox approach will use pharmaceutical medications to ease symptoms of withdrawal and control cravings. If you suffer from a severe opioid addiction a rapid detoxification involving sedation in a hospital setting may be the best option for you. The type of detoxification used will be determined at the time of your intake assessment.

Counseling and Therapy

Counseling and therapy are designed to help you overcome your psychological dependency on drugs, while working through any mental or emotional problems you may have. Individual counseling will allow you one-on-one treatment with a trained specialist, helping you get to the root cause of your addiction. Group counseling will give you the opportunity to share with others in treatment, helping yourself while helping others. Cognitive and behavioral therapy will help you to recognize and change the dysfunctional behaviors, routines and thoughts associated with drug abuse. Throughout your counseling and therapy sessions you will be developing the key tools needed to maintain your sobriety throughout your day to day life.

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