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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Jonesboro, Arkansas

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Drug and alcohol addiction can take your life and turn it upside down. This life destructive disease has taken the lives of millions and forever altered the lives of millions more. If you continue on the path you are currently on you will not be able to escape. A Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas will help you to work through all aspects of your addiction and begin living a more fulfilling life in sobriety.

Starting Treatment

When entering into a drug and alcohol rehab center you will go through their intake assessment. This usually consists of a physical and psychological examination, as well as a questionnaire regarding your addiction that you are expect to answer truthfully. All of this information is reviewed and an individual treatment plan is put together to help you through all aspects of your addiction.

Your Individualized Treatment Plan

Each aspect to your treatment will be tailored to your individual recovery needs. The first step for most is the detoxification process. This is done to help patients cleanse from the chemicals and toxins related to drug or alcohol abuse. Most patients will be uncomfortable, even painful during this time, requiring a prescription aid to offer them relief.

Once you are past your physical addiction you will continue on to your through your psychological addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is done through a wide array of therapy and counseling sessions. You will be able to get to the root cause of your addiction, work through any mental or emotional illness and develop the tools needed to maintain your sobriety when turning home.


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