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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Gilbert, Arizona

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When addicted to drug and alcohol your life has been taken over, everything turned upside down. Without the right treatment your addiction will take over and all control will be lost. Drug and alcohol rehab centers in Gilbert, Arizona will help you to take control of your life again, creating a sober and happy life for yourself.

Starting Your Treatment

Today is the day you start your treatment. Drug and alcohol rehab centers in Gilbert, Arizona can help. You will be able to take back control with treatment tailored to your individual recovery needs. Trained chemical dependency specialists will offer you the supportive care you need to work through all aspects of your addiction in a therapeutic and safe way.

Your Treatment Approach

There are many different treatment approaches used to help people like yourself to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction. Traditionally a medical treatment approach is used, basing treatment off proven medical techniques. Other approaches include 12 step based, faith-based, holistic and natural treatment. The type of treatment approach you choose to take will set the course for your recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Starting Your treatment

When entering into any Gilbert, Arizona Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers you will go through an intake assessment. This will provide doctors with the information needed to put together an individualized treatment plan. This involves treatment aspects tailored to your individual recovery needs, including but not limited to;

  • Detoxification
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Family counseling
  • chemical dependency education
  • cognitive therapy

Each aspect of your treatment plan will help you to work through your physical and psychological addiction to drugs and alcohol while helping you to gain the tools needed to maintain your sobriety in your day to day life.

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