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Do You Need a Long Term Alcohol Rehab?

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Coming to terms with your alcohol addiction can be difficult. It is easier to drink away your problems then to sober up and face them head on. If you are not sure if you need a long term alcohol rehab there are some common signs to help you decide:

You Feel Consumed By Alcohol

Regardless to the time of day your thoughts and actions are consumed by alcohol use. You wake up in the morning planning on when you will have your next drink and cravings fill you throughout the day. You may even drink at inappropriate times such as on your lunch break from work or in the morning time.

When You Stop Drinking You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

Drinking alcohol on a regular basis can make your mind and body dependent on it to feel any sense of normalcy. When you stop drinking alcohol you may experience withdrawal symptoms that are overwhelming, maybe even painful. You just do not feel like yourself when you don’t drink, your joys begin to revolve around drinking.

Difficulties At Work Or School

When alcohol is put before all else in your life you may see yourself having issues within your work or school. You may take time off, not show up or slack off while you are working. You become distracted by alcohol and loose sight of what is important within your work and studies.

Strain On Relationships

Your regular alcohol use can cause serious strain on relationships with friends and family. Your drinking is not only hurting you but it is hurting the ones you love. Your friends and family may have given up on you until you get sober.

Do You Need Help?

Does this sound like you to an extent? If it does maybe it is time to seek help for your alcohol abuse problem. A long term alcohol rehab will help you to work through all aspects to your addiction. You will be given all the time you need to feel comfortable in your ability to maintain your sobriety.

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