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How Long After Quitting Alcohol Will You Feel Better?

Reviewer Dr. Juan Harris MBA, MS, MCAP, CMHP, SAP, CIP, ICADC
Clinically Reviewed By Dan Schimmel, LCSW, CAP
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quitting alcoholCongratulations you have made the choice to quit alcohol. The process of quitting alcohol is going to be life-long, you will be required to practice maintenance techniques to ensure your sobriety each day. While it will get easier in the beginning quitting alcohol can be rough and most feel ill. In time the uncomfortable feelings of withdrawal will pass and you will feel like yourself once again.

When Will I Feel Better?

Most who are quitting alcohol report that they feel foggy and anxious. Their physical condition varies by the amount of alcohol they consume on a regular basis and for how long. Many quitting alcohol will require the assistance of a treatment facility to work through the initial withdrawal period where nonaddictive medications can be given during detoxification. While there is not clear cut time frame for how long it will be before you begin feeling better you can rest assured that in time you will feel better and any symptoms of withdrawal will pass and your recovery will gradually become easy, second nature to you.

Withdrawal is Too Much, Where Can I Get Help?

If you are quitting drinking and have a sever dependency to alcohol it is advised to seek medical attention. You can go through the detoxification process within a hospital or alcohol treatment facility where trained chemical dependency specialists will aid you in your recovery. The detoxification process will take place under medical care where you can receive non-addictive prescription medication that will ease the symptoms of withdrawal and offer you comfort. You too will receive counseling and therapy to assist you in working through any mental and emotional effects alcohol has had on you. Alcohol dependency is not only physical, this is why when suffering from alcoholism seeking medical treatment is advised to treat all areas of the addiction and ensure success in sobriety.

What You are Experiencing is Normal and Soon Will Pass

No two alcohol abuse problems are the same. There is no cookie cutter treatment approach and no clear time frame on how long it will be until you feel better and are back to normal. It is important to remember that all you are experiencing when quitting alcohol will soon pass and you will be on to live a sober and more fulfilling life. Do not be defeated, your success rests in your own hands.

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