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Beachway Therapy Center

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Beachway Therapy Center is a 28 bed private treatment facility located in South Florida. They offer patients with a tranquil environment and top rated treatment to help them overcome their drug and alcohol addictions successfully. At Beachway each patiens unique recovery needs are met, focusing on providing individualized treatment and therapeutic services.

Guaranteed One-on-one Treatment

Patients are guaranteed the one-on-one therapy and counseling needed to ensure their success in sobriety when entering into Beachway Therapy Center. With a small case load of four to eight patients Beachway’s therapists are able to focus on each patient as an individual, providing them their the attention needed to aid them fully throughout their treatment. While other centers offer one therapy session during your stay at Beachway you are guaranteed a minimum of one therapy session each week during treatment.

Unique Treatment Above Minimum Standards of Care

Each patient at Beachway will receive a unique treatment plan with all aspects tailored to their individual recovery needs. Patients can take comfort in knowing that they will receive care above the states minimum standards when staying at Beachway Therapy Center. With licensing provided by the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families you are able to find supportive care care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at Beachway Therapy Center.

Phase Two

Patients are always prepared before leaving Beachway Therapy Center. The facility provides a phase two which affords the opportunity to take part in an after care program. Patients will go through an relapse prevention program. The will find a structured sober living that offers advanced life skill training. Patients will be transported to and from group and individual therapy sessions to ensure they start on the road of recovery.

The Final Step; Phase Three

Patients are able to escape the common fears associated with relapse when getting to phase three in their treatment at Beachway Therapy Center. Their aftercare program helps patients the goal of returning to a normal life in the near future.


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