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Alcoholism Intervention

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Alcoholism is a more common problem than one would think. It is a life-long disease that affects men and women of all ages and walks of life without prejudiced. As technology evolves as does the treatment for alcoholism and the two have come together with an App to assist those recovering from alcoholism. If you are struggling with this destructive disease you can comfortably take back control with the help of your smart phone and a simple app that will allow you to abstain from alcohol and begin restoring your life in a sober way. I know it can seem a little crazy to think that an app can help you stop drinking, however research shows just how effective this app for recovery is, maybe it is just what you need to achieve your goal of life-long sobriety.

Gaining Support Through an App

Roughly 18 million Americans are suffering for an alcohol problem and having trouble quitting, nearly 88,000 lives lost each year due to excessive drinking. Alcoholism is a growing problem and a serious concerned for American society.

For this recovery app to work you must first complete a treatment program. For many people returning home is scary, they lack support and fear relapse. The recovery app is designed to help people like yourself gain the support needed to remain sober and keep on the road of recovery.

Treatment does help many people in overcoming addiction, studies show that one in four who seek treatment for an alcohol abuse problem stay sober for the year to follow, one in ten are able to reduce their drinking, with drinking all together reduced by 87%. Regardless to these steady results of the effectiveness of treating alcohol abuse problems, specialists in the field still work to make improvements to ensure that all those who want to be sober are able to achieve their goals. There are constant tweaks in the existing treatment programs, making them more effective, however not much focus has been put into the aftercare aspect to helping patients in their recovery, until now. This recovery app is allowing thousands of people to maintain their sobriety and keep focused on life-long recovery.

Addiction-Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (A-CHESS)

The app called Addiction-Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (A-CHESS) provides support to those in recovery after completing rehab. Individuals using this app are provided with 24/7 personalized care with less counselor time. A new study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry shows just how effective this app is for those in recovery. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin preformed a randomized trial with 349 alcohol-dependent patients after they left five residential programs without any aftercare.

Those patients involved in this trial were to reported their drinking over the last 30 days at four-month intervals for the year following treatment. Patients who used the app were able to abstain from alcohol (52 percent vs. 40 percent). Those patients using the app, who did relapse also had fewer binge (more than four drinks for a man or three for a woman in a two hour period) drinking days (1.39 vs. 2.75).

How The A-CHESS App Works

The A-CHESS app was designed to empower its users and connect them with other addicts in recovery, as well as experienced addictions counselors. Users are able to find addiction meetings with ease, they will receive daily motivational thoughts for encouragement in their recovery. It also has a section for further resources and podcasts on various recovery topics.

The goal of the A-CHESS app is to to intervene before a relapse occurs through its interactive features. The app has a GPS feature that picks up when the user is within the vicinity of an area which may cause them to be tempted, the function pings a user with, “Is this where you want to be?” The user can tap the life preserver icon which acts as a panic button, this then sends out an alert message to the users support system, stating that the user is in trouble, for others to reach out to them. While waiting for a reply from others the app asks a series of questions to determine the individuals mood, as well as suggests resources or reminders of goals that the individual set in treatment.

Success with the A-CHESS App

Those who participated in the University of Wisconsin’s trial of the A-Chess app, used the app 100 days on average (41 percent of days) and 72 percent of them pressed the panic button at least once in the first 8 months after treatment. The A-CHESS app is not currently available to the public, however it has shown great success with those using it during the trail period. It is predicted that the A-CHESS app will become a very popular app just as others addiction apps currently on the market, such as those from Alcoholics Anonymous,  Hazelden and Promises.

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