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How to Stop Drinking: Five Steps to Success

Clinically Reviewed By Dan Schimmel, LCSW, CAP
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Stopping drinking is not going to be easy when going at it alone. You will have to work through your physical and psychological dependency to alcohol without any medical treatment, leaving you open to temptation and at great risk of relapse.

There are five easy steps to success in stopping drink at home. You will find yourself more comfortable throughout the beginning stages of your recovery and that you will quickly developed the tools needed to maintain your sobriety throughout your day to day life.

Step One – Admitting The Problem

Throughout your addiction to alcohol you have blamed it on any thing and everything you could. Today you need to admit you have a real problem with alcohol and are helpless to it. By doing so you will be opening yourself up to the help of friends and family as well as medical professionals if need be, all while truly realizing that you have a problem with alcohol.

Step Two – Turning To Friends and Family

Regardless to how broken your personal relationships are at this point, your friends and family want to see you get sober. Once you have admitted you have a problem with alcohol you will need to turn to friends and family for their support. It is extremely important to have a strong support system at home when stopping drinking because you never know when temptation will strike and you will need friends and family to turn to as a way to prevent relapse.

Step Three – Join a Group

Self help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, AA, will help you throughout your recovery. Going to regular meetings to share your experience with alcoholism and what has helped to keep you sober will too help you keep on the road to recovery. New found friends within the self help group will offer you support and understanding that will help give you the strength to keep sober.

Step Four – Remove All Temptation

When stopping drinking you need to remove all temptation from your life. This starts with cleaning out your home. You will go through your home and remove any alcohol or objects that will trigger cravings. Next you will need to distance yourself from establishments you would find yourself drinking at. As well as distancing yourself from drinking buddies because they may tempt you to drink again.

Step Five – Healthy Living

When stopping drinking you need to replace the bad habits with a good ones. Changing your eating habits, picking up a healthy hobby and exercising will help you to fill the time that you once drank while promoting healthy living.

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