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Top Alcohol Treatment Centers Helping You Achieve Life Long Sobriety

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Recovering from alcoholism is not going to be a smooth road, you will face a lot of bumps along the way. At times you will feel like giving up, things may even seem hopeless at times. It’s not going to be easy to recover from addiction to alcohol but your end result of life long sobriety will be worth it. No matter how powerless you feel right now, you are taking the first step on the road to recovery by admitting you have a problem with alcohol and asking for help.

Finding The Right Treatment

You do not need to wait until hitting rock bottom to ask for help. We know just how scared and overwhelmed you are right now, this is why we have provided a list of Top Alcohol Treatment Centers that will help you acheive life long sobriety. One of these Alcohol Treatment Centers may be the best option for you, take the time to look threw at the services that offer and find a facility close to you.

phoenix housePhoenix House has been helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions since 1972 when it became an independent nonprofit organization. Today Phoenix House is the nation’s leading provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment and prevention services. They offer 123 programs in eleven US states. Phoenix House has been able to help thousands of people overcome addictions threw their wide array of treatment programs that provide innovative and science based care, as well as the convenience of numerous locations.

caronCaron Treatment Center has many different locations throughout the United States. It is a nationally recognized non-profit provider of alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Caron provides treatment focused on the individual needs of each patient by providing comprehensive treatment for adolescents, young adult, adults and their families. Caron Treatment Centers provide evidence-based practices, such as 12-Step facilitation, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy and follow-up telephone continuing care.

solutionsSolutions Recovery Center is a private treatment facility located in the sunshine state, Florida. It was founded by recovering addicts with over 50 years in recovery combined. These men turned their lives around and became certified therapist, now providing treatment to others in need. They have created The Break Free Plan which is tailored to each clients individual needs and helps them to work through all aspects of their addiction. At Solutions Recovery Center treatment does not end when leaving the facility, once the program is completed an addictions counselor will accompany you home to ensure that your transition into home life is stress free and you are successful in maintaining your sobriety.

betterfordBetty Ford Center has been providing effective treatment services for alcoholism and other drug dependencies since opening its doors in 1982. The center feels it is very important to involve the entire family in the recovery process, as well as each client identifying his or her own spiritual path.Treatment programs vary from 30 to 120 days according to the clients individual needs, all of the centers programs are based on the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and gender specific.

Committing Yourself to Quitting Drinking

Alcohol has controlled your life for far too long. If you are committed to quitting drinking an alcohol treatment center can help you acheive life long sobriety, breaking the chains of addiction once and for all.

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