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The Cost of Rehab With Insurance

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It is normal to be concerned about the cost of rehab. There can be a lot of details that you will have to go through before entering into a treatment facility and the cost seems to be the top of it all, along with making sure various aspects of your life are able to be placed on hold or cared for while you are gone. When you have health insurance and you are working out all the initial details to your treatment costs you may find that you will have other expenses that the insurance company may not cover. This can be a lot to deal with during such a trying time in your life.

How Much Does Rehab Cost if I have Insurance?

It is great that you are ready to start your recovery. Now you are concerned with how much rehab will cost if you have insurance. You are very fortunate in having health insurance to assist you in paying for rehab, this will keep your out of pocket expenses low, making your treatment very affordable. As you know rehab is not cheap, but it is well worth every penny spent for the end result of a sober, happy and healthy you.

Your out of pocket costs after your health insurance has paid for a portion of your rehab stay will differ, each policy is different with the insurance company as well as is the rehab facilities price for treatment services. There are so many different types of health insurance companies; HMO health insurance, PPO health insurance, Medicare, Medical Discount plans, Medicaid, and many more. Some of these health insurance policies will require you to pay a co-pay. This is a flat rate payment that will be specified by your insurance company. Some insurance companies only cover a certain percentage of the drug rehab, requiring you to pay the other portion. As an example if your insurance company is paying 75% of treatment costs you will be required to pay the other 20% out of pocket.

Simplifying The Process

You do not need to deal with the headache of finding out just how much your insurance company will cover when looking for a rehab facility. The best thing that you can do is to give your insurance information to the drug rehab of your choice. By giving them the authority to contact your insurance company they will be able to determine what kind of coverage you have and how much it will pay towards your treatment. Most rehab facilities offer this service to make the intake process as easy as it can be for you. This will make for a smoother insurance approval process, leaving the hard work to the professionals, keeping your focus on sobriety. These professionals at the rehab facility will do all that they can to get all of the details of your policy coverage and to know what you will have to pay out of pocket.

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

You do not need to give out your information to the rehab center, this is not a requirement until you are ready to commit to treatment. If you choose to you can contact your insurance provider on your own to verify your policy coverage for rehab. This will give you the benefit to getting a life of rehabs that are in network for your health insurance plan which will help you to spend little to nothing out of pocket for treatment.

Get The Answers You Need To Get Treated

The point is, you want to know how much rehab is going to cost you even with your insurance. The way to find out is to have the rehab of your choice or yourself contact your insurance company and find on your policy.  You may have full coverage, a percentage covered, or a co-pay. Make the call to find out and start your treatment today.

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