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Quit Drinking Forums

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Quit Drinking Forums

Quit Drinking Forums are a new and innovative way of assisting those with alcohol abuse problems or alcohol dependencies from the comfort of their own homes. These forms offer individuals with the ability to share their experiences, strengths and hopes for the future just as many self help groups do. Rather than going to a meeting you can enter into a Quit Drinking Forums and receive the support of others working through their alcohol problem via the internet.

The Experience Project

The experience projects online community allows individuals to post their thoughts, opinions, experiences, strengths and hopes regarding quitting drinking. There are various forums within the experience projects site that focus around specific topics within the recovery process and allows the individuals using this service to voice their own experiences and opinions to assist one another through their recovery.


WQD is a community of many people, facets, and goals. Each member of this online community are there for one reason – to quit, to stay quit, to help others stay quit, and to keep in contact with those who have been there along their personal journeys. There are various forms focused on quitting various addictive substances and to focus on health living choices.

My Way Out

My way out is rich in resources for individuals looking to quit drinking. They do not claim to provide medical advice, in fact they encourage individuals to seek out medical help for working through the beginning stages of their recovery. The My Way Out community provides information about what to expect based on how much the individual is drinking and key tools to maintain their sobriety, working through the addiction.

Psych Forums

Psych Forum offers individuals within its community with mental health resources to help assist them in quitting drinking alcohol once and for all. Individuals are able to share their experiences and where they have been able to find the help they need to get sober.

Health Tap

Health tap allows individuals with alcohol abuse problems or physical dependencies on alcohol to speak directly with medical professionals regarding their recovery as well as receive medical advice to help them reach their overall goal of sobriety. Having medical professionals to consult and offer one reassurances that what they are experiencing is normal and soon will pass helps offer the individual with faith that they will be able to reach their goal of sobriety.

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