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Finding The Best Alcohol Treatment Centers

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Finding the best alcohol treatment center is a process that is necessary to ensure that you receive the right treatment to meet your individual recovery needs. It can be a difficult and frustrating process. In the beginning stages of recovery many will jump on the first treatment option before them, this can lead to failure in treatment, a waste of time and money.

The Right Level of Care

When working through a dependency to alcohol it is important to know the severity of the alcohol abuse problem or alcoholism to get the right level of care for the most affective treatment available. An assessment or evaluation done by a trained specialists when entering into an Alcohol Treatment Center will provide all the information needed to determine your addiction treatment needs.

The assessment or evaluation typically consists of an physical and psychological examination along with a questionnaire. You will be expected to truthfully answer questions such as; How long have you been drinking alcohol? How much you drink? Have you suffered any consequences as a result to your alcohol use? Have you ever received treatment for your alcohol abuse problem?

Treatment Programs (Level of Care)

Inpatient treatment program will allow you to move into the treatment center where you will receive 24-7 supportive care in a therapeutic and temptation free environment. Detoxification along with therapy, counseling and treatment activities will help you to work through your physical and psychological dependency.

Partial Days Programs (PHP) are half days at a facility participating in treatment, therapy and education.

Outpatient treatment allows you to recover at home, receiving treatment such as therapy and counseling within a treatment center for four or more hours each day depending on the level of care you require.

Types of Alcohol Treatment Centers

  • 12 Step
  • Non 12 Step
  • Faith-based
  • Holistic
  • Wilderness
  • Gender Specific
  • Residential
  • Detoxification
  • Extended Care

Choosing The Best Alcohol Treatment Center

When choosing the best alcohol treatment center you need to know the level of care you need as well as what you expect out of your treatment. The most successful treatment centers provide programs with individual therapy and activities, taking a holistic approach. These facilities are aware of the importance to one-on-one counseling and how alcoholism affects the brain.

When most thing of an alcohol treatment center they think of 24-7 supportive care in a residential facility for up to 30 days. This is not always the care, some treatment centers can provide outpatient services, allowing you to recover in the comfort of your home.

To find the best Alcohol Treatment Center for you, it will take determination and research. Just like no two addictions are the same, no two alcohol treatment centers are the same. Each provides services that are unique to their facility with their own strengths and weaknesses.

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