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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Orlando

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Today is the day you take back control of your life. Alcohol has turned everything upside down, caused strain on your relationships and irreversible damage to your body. Your addiction is a disease, this does not mean you need to stay a victim to it any longer. You can regain control and overcome your addiction to alcohol with the help of an Orlando Alcohol Rehab Center.

Finding Treatment that Works

Alcohol rehab centers in Orland, Florida offer their patients with a tranquil environment to overcome their addiction. The warm air, seemingly endless hours of sunlight and the tropical environment allows for an ideal healing place. Patients are able to find peace in Orlando because the alcohol rehab centers take them away from the temptation of alcohol as well as removing them from their day to day stress. With various treatment approaches, aspects and locations throughout the Orlando area you can find the best treatment that works for you.

Treatment Approaches

There are many different treatment approaches used by Alcohol Rehab Centers in Orlando. Commonly the traditional medical approach using a 12 step based model will be used. This focuses on the patient recognizing the behavioral, actions and thoughts associated with their addiction and consciously changing them to ones which will support their sobriety.

Another commonly used treatment approach by Orlando rehab centers is an holistic approach that is focused on healing the mind, body and soul from alcoholism. This uses a more natural treatment process to cleanse the patient from addiction. Yoga and meditation help the patient to relax and find peace, allowing them to overcome their addiction while having developed a new technique to overcome temptation when returning home.

Many alcoholics turn back to God in recovery. This is why many Orland rehab centers offer faith-based treatment programs. The patients are admitting they are powerless to addiction and putting their trust in God to help them through one of the most difficult points in their lives.

Health Recovery Institute of Central Florida offers prevention, education and treatment services to those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. Using a comprehensive treatment program the patients will heal physically, mentally and emotionally from the effects of their addiction.

Fresh Start Ministries of Central Florida, Inc. is a faith based, not for profit, residential treatment facility for men. The Fresh Start program enables patients to recover from their addiction through a safe and secure environment, classes, support groups and biblical counseling.

Colonial Management Group, LP (CMG) is a unique organization of fifty-seven (57) private outpatient substance abuse treatment clinics that have been successfully treating opiate dependence with head quarters in Orlando, Florida. Services are specific to those suffering from opioid and narcotic addictions, providing prescription medication treatment.

Specialized Treatment, Education and Prevention Services, Inc. (STEPS) is a private, not-for-profit, community based organization that offers comprehensive substance abuse prevention, intervention, education and treatment services to women, men, and their children. STEPS offers intervention, outpatient, aftercare, transitional housing and residential (to women and children only) services to those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

The New Leaf Center provides outpatient mental health and addiction therapy services to those in the Orlando and Winter Park, Florida area.Using a treatment approach tailored to the patients individual recovery needs The New Leaf Center has helped thousands of people overcome their addictions.

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