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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

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As you go through your days at school and elsewhere, you have to make lots of choices about what you will do and what you won’t do. You might be presented with choices to use or not use alcohol and drugs at some point. These choices can feel tempting, especially if friends are using drugs or alcohol. However, traveling down this road can have serious consequences. Some effects of drugs and alcohol may be immediate, while others might not show up right away.


When you drink alcohol, you can feel its effects quite quickly. You might notice that your coordination changes, so you can’t walk or talk as you normally do. You might also begin hearing and seeing things differently after drinking. Your emotions usually change after drinking, too. People who drink too much often become addicted to alcohol. Alcohol addiction can lead to serious problems with health, responsibilities, family, friends, and even the law.


Drugs are strong chemicals that have an effect on the body. Some drugs are legal, which means that doctors can prescribe them to patients to help with illnesses. Other drugs are illegal, which means that people make these dangerous substances and sell them to others. People might use illegal drugs to make them feel energized or relaxed. Because drugs change the way the body works, they can have a very dangerous effect. Drugs can harm the heart, the brain, or other organs. People might also become addicted to drugs, which means their bodies crave them.

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