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Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, UT is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that will provide you or your loved one with high-quality addiction treatment in a safe and supportive environment where you can get the care and support you need. Find out here about This facility employs multiple evidence-based models and services, including Anger management, Interventions, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Contingency management/motivational incentives, Motivational interviewing, Relapse prevention, Substance use disorder counseling, Telemedicine/telehealth therapy, Trauma-related counseling, HIV or AIDS education, counseling, or support, Hepatitis education, counseling, or support, Health education services other than HIV/AIDS or hepatitis, Substance use disorder education, Individual counseling, Group counseling, Family counseling, Marital/couples counseling. Aloha Behavioral Consultants rehab programs, accreditations, detox, therapy offerings, and more.

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Ogden, Utah


811 North Harrisville Road,
Ogden, Utah, 84404

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Drug AddictionSubstance AbuseAlcoholismOpioid Addiction


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About Aloha Behavioral Consultants

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      Conditions and Issues Treated

      A detailed list of the primary issues commonly treated.

      • Alcoholism

        Alcoholism is one of the most common addictions in Utah. Alcohol addiction (often referred to as alcoholism or alcohol use disorder) is characterized by a deep craving for alcohol and the inability to quit drinking regardless of any adverse effects. Alcohol use disorder ensues when the chemical changes from long-term alcohol use drive the brain to acclimate to normal functions creating a dependency. Many people who struggle with alcoholism find it challenging to quit without the help of a treatment facility such as Aloha Behavioral Consultants. The alcoholism treatment at Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah is designed to give you the support you need to quit drinking once and for all.

      • Drug Addiction

        Drug addiction is a chronic disease characterized by a physical and psychological dependency on drugs. Drug addiction occurs when extensive drug use causes changes in a person’s brain chemistry, resulting in uncontrollable cravings to use regardless of the adverse effects. The only way to overcome drug addiction or other addiction disorders is to receive addiction treatment. Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah offers many treatment options for those struggling with drug addiction. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, get help as soon as possible. Prolonged drug use can result in a destructive addiction cycle where you must continue using drugs to avoid distressing withdrawal symptoms. Regardless of your situation, help is available in Ogden, Utah.

      • Opioid Addiction

        Opioids/opiates are among the most addictive substances worldwide. Prescribed for various medical needs, opioids encompass a large class of prescription drugs such as morphine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone, and illegal substances such as heroin and opium. People who misuse opioids can develop an opioid addiction very quickly. Opioid addiction, also known as an opioid use disorder, is a condition in which someone compulsively seeks the drug. In Ogden, Utah, there are many treatment options to choose from for an opioid/opiate addiction. The most effective form of opioid addiction treatment is drug detox, followed by inpatient drug rehab. Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah offers opioid addiction treatment tailored to your unique needs and situation.

      • Substance Abuse

        Substance abuse refers to the act of misusing drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse problems can refer to illicit drugs — such as heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine — or legal drugs, such as alcohol or prescription medications. Substances frequently abused in Ogden, Utah include alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates/opioids, hallucinogens, and more. The main difference between substance abuse and drug addiction is that individuals with substance abuse problems can quit or change their unhealthy habits. In contrast, addiction is a disease in which someone can’t just stop using when their addiction causes them harm. People engaged in substance abuse put themselves at risk for developing a substance use disorder, a severe mental health condition that can make it difficult for people to stop using drugs or alcohol on their own. Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah works to address substance abuse and help people to build fulfilling lives in recovery.

      This facility administers/prescribes medication for alcohol use disorder
      Buprenorphine DetoxificationBuprenorphine MaintenanceBuprenorphine Maintenance for predetermined timePrescribes BuprenorphinePrescribes NaltrexoneRelapse Prevention With Naltrexone
      Case Management Service, Mental Health Services, Integrated Primary Care Services, Suicide Prevention Services, Treatment For Other Addiction Disorders, Housing Services, Assistance With Obtaining Social Services, Employment Counseling or Training

      Levels of Care Offered at Aloha Behavioral Consultants

      This facility offers a variety of treatments.

      • Addiction Treatment

        Many addiction treatment options are available in Ogden, Utah for those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. These include inpatient drug rehab, outpatient treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, ongoing support groups, and various therapies. Addiction treatment programs are different for each person and can be customized based on individual needs and circumstances. The highly-effective addiction treatment at Aloha Behavioral Consultants aims to tackle several aspects of substance use disorders to help individuals gain the skills needed to sustain long-term recovery. Various therapies are offered in addiction treatment at Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah, such as individual and group therapy sessions.

      • Aftercare

        Aftercare programs are extensions of addiction treatment that are integrated into life after rehab. Attending addiction treatment is the first step in the recovery journey. However, individuals generally attend treatment for a short period (between 30-180 days) when compared to the years spent in addiction recovery. The aftercare programs at Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah are used to support clients in their recovery journeys after the primary course of treatment is complete. After graduating treatment, clients work together with the staff at Aloha Behavioral Consultants to develop a comprehensive aftercare plan and have the option to participate in continuing services to help support their recovery.

      • Drug Detox

        Supervised drug detox at Aloha Behavioral Consultants is the first step toward recovery for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Drug detox is the process of clearing the body of drugs, alcohol, and other toxins. This process can take around 7-14 days and takes place under the supervision of medical professionals at Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah. Given that some detoxes are more challenging than others, the staff at Aloha Behavioral Consultants will carefully assess you on an ongoing basis incorporating layers of safety protocols to keep you safe and comfortable throughout drug detox. Medication-assisted treatment is often incorporated during drug detox to ease the pain and discomfort associated with withdrawal.

      • Dual Diagnosis Treatment

        Several treatment options are available in Ogden, Utah to treat individuals with dual diagnoses. In addiction treatment, a dual diagnosis, also known as co-occurring disorder or comorbidity, is when someone suffers from two or more disorders at the same time, such as a drug use disorder and depressive disorder. Integrated treatment for a mental illness and substance use disorder is generally most effective for someone struggling with a dual-diagnosis disorder compared to separate treatments for each condition. Treatment of dual-diagnosis disorders at Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah includes knowledgeable addiction treatment professionals providing effective services that treat the whole person and supports overall health and recovery.

      • Hospital Inpatient Treatment

        Hospital inpatient programs are specialized facilities that offer intensive addiction treatment. These programs are linked to a hospital system and include 24/7 access to both medical and addiction professionals. At Aloha Behavioral Consultants, clients attend intensive addiction therapies during the day with other program participants in Ogden, Utah. These programs are well suited to people with ongoing medical complications that their substance use disorders have contributed to or those needing regular access to medical and mental health professionals.

      • Inpatient Drug Rehab

        As the highest level of care offered in addiction treatment, inpatient drug rehab provides structured treatment programs and therapies designed to address all aspects of a person’s addiction. During inpatient drug rehab at Aloha Behavioral Consultants, clients live on-site in their substance-free addiction treatment facility in Ogden, Utah, and receive 24-hour medical care and therapeutic support from addiction treatment professionals. Inpatient drug rehabs are an excellent option for those battling addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder. Within this type of drug rehab program, people can focus their energy entirely on recovery while surrounding themselves with like-minded peers.

      • Residential Treatment

        Residential treatment programs at Aloha Behavioral Consultants provide patients with 24-hour medical care and support while working to overcome their substance use disorders and associated mental health disorders. During residential treatment in Ogden, Utah, patients undergo different therapies to confront the challenges of conditions related to substance use disorders, alcohol abuse, and more. Inpatient rehab is known to be the most effective treatment option that you can receive for drug and alcohol addiction. Generally, the average length of stay in inpatient rehab is between 30-days and 180-days and beyond. Your stay will be very busy with various treatment aspects each day.

      Alcohol Detoxificationbenzodiazepines Detoxificationmethamphetamines Detoxificationopioid Detoxification
      Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment, Comprehensive Substance Use Assessment, Interim Services for Clients, Outreach to Persons in the Community, Complete Medical History/Physical Exam, Screening for Tobacco Use, Screening for Substance Use, Screening for Mental Disorders, Professional Interventionist/Educational Consultant
      Medication Assisted Treatment offered at Aloha Behavioral Consultants 
      • Buprenorphine
      • Naltrexone

      Therapies, Programs & Treatment Approaches

      A detailed list of the methods used to care for each individual.

      • Anger Management

        Unchecked anger can impact all areas of your life. Rage can take over, resulting in uncontrolled outbursts, erratic behaviors, violence, depression, and suicidal feelings. Several treatment options are available for anger management, including inpatient and outpatient treatment with knowledgeable mental health professionals. If you are suffering from anger management, getting the support you need to develop effective coping strategies can change your life.

      • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

        Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy that helps people understand how their thoughts affect their behaviors. While partaking in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), participants learn to recognize and reframe self-defeating beliefs. This shift in thinking often results in more meaningful connections and reduced addictive tendencies.

      • Contingency Management/Motivational Incentives

        Contingency management, also referred to as motivational incentives or the prize method, is a behavioral therapy approach that offers tangible incentives to participants in addiction treatment for measurable behaviors of drug abstinence (such as passing a drug test). During contingency management, participants receive a reward for accomplishing a treatment goal. Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah, incorporates contingency management strategies to help clients become empowered by their goals.

      • Family Counseling

        Family counseling is used in inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment because when a person struggles with substance abuse, the effects often extend outward to loved ones. At Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah, they incorporate family counseling to address the family unit. During family counseling in Ogden, Utah, patients and their families work through issues and learn how to support their loved one during the recovery process.

      • Group Counseling

        Group therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which one or more therapists works with a group of individuals at once. AT Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah group therapy sizes range between 5-20 people and generally have commonalities, such as a specific condition or shared life experience. Group therapy sessions are used in inpatient and outpatient treatment programs under the guidance of a licensed therapist. While in group therapy in Ogden, Utah, participants engage in dialogue focused around a theme or specific struggle. Depending on the nature of the group setting, a therapist may actively lead group discussions and have a particular plan or theme for each session.

      • Health Education Services Other Than HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis

        Addiction treatment services at Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah incorporate health education services to offer a well-rounded treatment experience and a balanced application of support and education on health topics to assist in recovery. Health education services in Ogden, Utah are meant to promote health and disease prevention.

      • Individual Counseling

        Individual therapy is a type of talk therapy where clients meet with a therapist one-on-one. At Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah, individual therapy incorporates various treatment techniques to help in addiction recovery. Through individual therapy at Aloha Behavioral Consultants, clients build rapport with their therapist and work with them to resolve life challenges, work through emotions and gain positive coping mechanisms. Individual therapy in Ogden, Utah can help with various mental health conditions such as addiction disorder, anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), bipolar disorder, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and more.

      • Interventions

        Drug and alcohol addiction interventions are carefully planned by family and friends with a professional interventionist to help their loved one understand the severity of their addiction and how it is affecting not only their own life but those around them. During an intervention, the group will gather in a familiar place to meet the individual and strategically express their concerns and feelings towards their loved one’s battle with addiction. The goal of an intervention is to help the individual recognize the harmful effects their substance use problem has on all aspects of their life and agree to seek the professional help they need. At Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah, the intervention specialists are experienced in conducting successful addiction interventions that focus on helping family members and friends effectively convey their concerns for their loved ones and urge them to seek the professional help they need. An intervention in Ogden, Utah, can be the difference between life and death for those suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders.

      • Marital/Couples Counseling

        Marital counseling, also known as couples counseling, is a type of psychotherapy that aims to identify and work through disputes in intimate relationships. Addiction affects not only the person abusing drugs or alcohol but also their loved ones and, often more than anyone, their spouses. Whether couples are married, living together, or just in a relationship, if one or more person struggles with substance abuse, it can be detrimental to both parties and make it difficult to have a healthy relationship. At Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah, a licensed marriage and family counselor works with couples to resolve issues in the relationship. Some couples in Ogden, Utah seek therapy on a short-term basis, whereas others require more time in treatment to work towards rebuilding a healthy relationship.

      • Motivational Interviewing

        Motivational interviewing is a therapeutic approach used to motivate participants to change destructive behaviors. At Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah, motivational interviewing is utilized in tandem with motivational enhancement therapy to support individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to build confidence in their recovery.

      • Relapse Prevention

        Relapse is the act of using drugs or alcohol after completing addiction treatment. It’s common for individuals who struggle with addictions to relapse at one point or another. Relapse does not mean failure but instead signifies additional treatment is needed for lifelong recovery. Relapse prevention therapy at Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah, will help you understand relapse, your triggers and gain the tools you need to prevent relapse.

      • Substance Use Disorder Counseling

        Substance abuse counseling, also called addiction counseling, is incorporated into addiction treatment to help those struggling with addictions talk through the intricacies and causes of their substance use disorders. Substance abuse counseling at Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah incorporates a combination of treatment and support services to help individuals overcome their dependencies. While in substance use disorder counseling at Aloha Behavioral Consultants, clients work with licensed addiction counselors in a clinical setting in Ogden, Utah, to address issues like mental health, destructive behavior patterns, and treatment goals.

      • Substance Use Disorder Education

        Substance use disorder education, also known as substance abuse education or drug education, is important for those struggling with addiction as well as their loved ones. Substance abuse education at Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah aims to teach individuals about drug and alcohol abuse, how substance abuse affects the mind and body, and how to be supportive during detox, rehabilitation, and recovery. Substance abuse education in Ogden, Utah can also involve counseling education for the individual abusing drugs or alcohol as well as family and friends.

      • Telemedicine/Telehealth Therapy

        Telemedicine/Telehealth therapy is a telephone or web-based service that provides confidential, online care without requiring clients to travel for treatment. At Aloha Behavioral Consultants, clients who partake in telehealth outpatient services receive care from the comfort of their homes. This widespread approach is aimed at helping as many people as possible in Ogden, Utah, and beyond.

      • Trauma-Related Counseling

        Trauma-related counseling is a distinctive approach to therapy that identifies and highlights understanding how traumatic experiences impact a person’s well-being. The purpose of trauma-related counseling at Aloha Behavioral Consultants in Ogden, Utah is to offer skills and techniques to assist people in better understanding, coping with, and processing feelings and memories tied to traumatic experiences to create a healthier, more adaptive meaning of the experience. Treatment centers in Ogden, Utah, offer various activities or strategies for trauma-related treatment.

      Case Management Service, Mental Health Services, Integrated Primary Care Services, Suicide Prevention Services, Treatment For Other Addiction Disorders, Housing Services, Assistance With Obtaining Social Services, Employment Counseling or Training

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