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The Role of Social Media in Substance Abuse Recovery

Clinically Reviewed By Dan Schimmel, LCSW, CAP
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ImageAre you currently recovering from a drug and/or alcohol addiction? If so, you know there is a lot of help to be had along the way, including from medical professionals.

No matter if you are quitting cold turkey or have been part of a rehab facility treatment program, you know that your future is bright once you are able to put your addiction in the past.

Believe it or not, social media can play a big role in substance abuse recovery. In today’s day and age, more people than ever before are using technology, with one eye towards social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

There are many ways in which social media can help with the substance abuse recovery process, including the following:

1. Online support groups. This may not be a replacement for more traditional support groups, however, it allows you to get the help you need when you are no longer in the care of a rehab facility.

It is always nice to know that you can reach out to others, including professionals and those who are in the same position, to receive feedback and advice.

2. Serve as an everyday reminder of hope and recovery. Even if you are not part of a social media support group, simply following those who are can function as a reminder of hope and recovery, showing you that you are on the right track.

With the use of social media on the rise, anybody going through substance abuse recovery should be able to use these tools to their advantage. This is a non-traditional approach to a problem that has been plaguing people for many years. Fortunately, it is also an approach that can yield positive results.

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