Recovery Comedy: Laughing your way to Recovery

Written by ,on 14 October 2016

Stereotypical as it may be, comedians have long been associated with drinking and doing drugs. Entertainers in general seem to

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Good Samaritan Law Update – 2 Bills in Michigan House of Representatives

Written by ,on 04 August 2016

A good samaritan, as defined in legal terms by US Legal, is “someone who renders aid in an emergency to

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The First Step in Your Recovery

Written by ,on 11 July 2016

For years you have been making excuses to why you can’t get sober, continuing to fuel your addiction. You know

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Starting Your Recovery

Written by ,on 08 July 2016

No one wakes up and says ‘Hey I want to be an addict’. Unfortunately some easily fall victim to the

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Losing a Loved One to Alcoholism

Written by ,on 26 April 2016

The fear of anyone who loves an alcoholic is losing them complete. We never know if they are going to

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Quitting Alcohol vs Quitting Cigarettes

Written by ,on 20 April 2016

No matter how you look at it, an addiction is an addiction. However, it is important to realize that no

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The Reality of Addiction

Written by ,on 16 April 2016

Years of drug and alcohol abuse can turn your world upside down. Everything you know and love begins to drift

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Maintaining Your Sobriety

Written by ,on 16 April 2016

Maintaining your sobriety isn’t as easy as it is to get sober. Each day you are faced with your demons,

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Legal Consequences of Addiction

Written by ,on 15 April 2016

Regardless to if you have lived a life of crime or are a law-abiding citizen if you fall victim to

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Like Father, Like Son: A Child’s Risk of Addiction

Written by ,on 05 February 2016

Struggling with addiction is never easy. When parents abuse drugs or alcohol, children experience untold effects that can impact them

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