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Losing a Loved One to Alcoholism

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The fear of anyone who loves an alcoholic is losing them complete. We never know if they are going to drink too many and not wake up, if their body can handle to constant toxins or make the dangerous choice to drink when driving. Regardless to how badly they have hurt us due to their actions as an addict, we love them and losing them completely can be unbearable to think of.

Reaching Out For Help

If you have a loved one who is suffering from alcoholism it can be tedious and heart breaking trying to help them recognize their problem. For many it takes professional help to make it clear that they need help. An intervention specialist will help to set up a plan to approach your loved one, treatment options and help mediate the process as a 3rd party so that no one feels as if they are being targeted. Intervention specialists have a high rate of success in help get people into the life saving treatment they need.

The Life Saving Treatment, Rehab

If your loved one is suffering from a serious alcohol problem rehab may be the best option for them. There they will receive the life saving treatment they need to get away from alcohol and learn how to live a life in sobriety.


The first step to most rehab treatment programs is detoxification where the body is cleansed of the chemicals and toxins related to alcohol abuse, allowing the body to get though the serious effects of withdrawal with medical attention and prescription medications if needed.

Therapeutic Services

Once the detox process is complete your loved one will then move into a 24/7 supervised sober living house, they will receive treatment at a main rehabilitation center each day. With a daily schedule including individual counseling, group counseling, behavioral modification therapy and other therapeutic practices your loved one will be able to get to the root cause of their addiction, work through it and develop the tools needed to start living a sober and more fulfilling life in recovery.

You Are Always There

It is hard to understand addiction if you are not an addict yourself. It is important for family members to take part in the treatment process, to get a true understanding of addiction to be able to support their loved one when they return home. It is important to reassure your loved one that no matter how hard their days become that you are always there for them, helping them to stay on track and supporting them in their new sober life.

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