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Destructive Decisions caused by Alcohol Abuse

Reviewer Dr. Juan Harris MBA, MS, MCAP, CMHP, SAP, CIP, ICADC
Editor Dan Schimmel, LCSW, CAP
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Alcohol can have a very strong impact on an individual’s life. Making smart choices are beneficial to everyone; however, these choices may be confounded because of alcohol. One of the diagnostic criteria for Alcohol Abuse is loss of control of one’s drinking. Drinking alcohol impairs decisions. Alcohol Abuse can cause one to become impulsive and more aggressive. When this begins to happen, Alcohol cessation and treatment is indicated.

Drinking and driving isn’t the only destructive decision caused by alcohol. When people get drunk, they often make life changing poor decisions such as unprotected sex, committing crimes, acts of violence etc… Alcohol compromises the ability to make smart and sometimes healthy choices. You can plan and protect yourself by doing something as simple as even bringing protection, or staying abstinent. If alcohol is continuously causing you to make poor decisions, quitting alcohol is a viable solution.

The age of first use of alcohol is trending down to ages 11-14. Young people are drinking at earlier and earlier ages. Alcohol Use education and prevention at an early age are imperative. Drinking results in poor decision making. Prevention proceeds the need for treatment; however, once identified, treatment for Alcohol Abuse is needed. A decision made under the influence I
Alcohol can have a life-long negative impact. If you or a loved one is constantly making poor decisions because of alcohol, it may be time to quit alcohol or, if necessary, go to an addiction rehabilitation center.

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